Save Baby Joseph

There's an 18-month-old baby boy in Canada who is about to be put to death by the Canadian government. I'm writing to you today so that you can help Priests For Life save this baby's life if possible. Here's the situation … The baby, who is known as Baby Joseph, is suffering from a critical condition that requires him to have a breathing tube in order to stay alive. However, the Canadian government has decided that they don't want to spend any more money on Baby Joseph to keep him alive. And, to everyone's horror, the government won't even let Baby Joseph go home with his parents.

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  1. This Baby Joseph incident is another subliminal act on behalf of the Luciferian human-sacrifice religion...why a B and J name? Boaz and Jachin people - the TWIN PILLARS of 9/11...and why 18 months termination? Because 18=9+9 or similarly 81 - 9*9...9/11. This is setting up the subliminal for the mass sacrfice of the north and south Americas.

    Watch out for the subliminal messages.