Rational Israelis

It is heart warming, if I can use such a mild description to comment on such a terrible reality, that a groundswell of resistance to Zionist oppression in Israel is building daily. Rational and concerned Jews are voicing their opinions with increasing urgency as recent articles in leading Israeli newspapers indicate. Writers for Israel's largest dailies, the Jerusalem Post and Ha'aretz, vilify Israel's inhuman treatment of Palestinians. They use language which would arouse a chorus of outrage as "anti-Semitic" in any American church, university or legislative body. If anti-Semitism is "strong criticism of Israel," as the Anti-Defamation League and the government of Israel now insist, then some of the world's most outspoken anti-Semites exist where one would least expect them.

The growing hatred of Israeli's and Jews around the world is a direct result of the Anti-Defamation League of America's propaganda machine inventing antisemitism at every opportunity, to the point of ridiculousness, and its total support of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and their part in almost every bad event that occurs in the Middle East and most probably the rest of the world. Every minor event such as the "Underpants Bomber" is blown out off all proportion, (no pun intended) to suit and benefit the Israeli war machine. And it is a war, a war against us, the Goyim, as is brilliantly demonstrated in the recent Israeli documentary "Defamation" by Israeli director Yoav Shamir. It looks at the evil of the Holocaust in terms of it's use by Israel as a propaganda device and a money making machine and how young generations are being educated in Israel with respect to these painful and fundamental issues. This sickening indoctrination process of the nation's young that the film painfully depicts is criminal in its consequence. Nurturing a nation of haters is hardly the way to win hearts and minds.

The ever expanding global security industry is dominated by Israeli companies who use every little exaggerated episode to promote their expensive and dangerous gadgets, most notably the body scanners now being introduced worldwide as a result of "burnt underpants". If ever an event was used to sell security, that was it and for what? What actually happened? Are we to believe that Osama Bin Laden personally sanctioned this ridiculous and amateurish act of terrorism? Is this the best he can do given, it is alleged, that this is the same man that gave us 9/11 and he wants to take the credit for exploding underpants? Give me a break. The fact that it is generally accepted that Osama is dead is another cause for concern unless you are Israeli propagandists and then it is hand rubbing time as you count all that lovely dosh streaming in from the stupid Goy. They will only learn the lesson of their evil ways when, as Golda Meir put it: "They learn to love their children more than they hate their enemies". If Yoav Shamir's film 'Defamation' is anything to go by, I won't hold my breath but recommend you see this film if only to learn that not all Israeli's are bad, by any stretch of the imagination and I hope for the sake of all the reasonable Israelis and Jews in the world that the ground keeps swelling.

 ~Sean Casey

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