Is Ron Paul Electable?

Is Ron Paul Electable? I keep hearing this question. I don’t think there has been a politician in my lifetime with the degree of consistency this man has. How brave is he? Does he ever shirk his duty to defend the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic? Every chance he has to take the easy way out he refuses. He says the unpopular thing when it needs to be said. He simply knows right from wrong and does the right thing as he knows it. Now, I can answer the question. Is Ron Paul electable? Of course Ron Paul is electable but that is the wrong question. The question that needs to be asked is “Who is the best man for the United States of America right now?” That’s the guy you need to vote for. If you know the answer to that question, you should write his name in if he is not on the ballot. That’s your duty.

Who give’s a damn if the guy you voted for is not elected? Did you vote for the best guy? Did you do, as Ron Paul always does, the right thing for the sake of being right? Electability doesn’t even enter the equation as far as I am concerned. If Americans would just do what is right and not worry about how many other people agree, you might find that those pundits that tell you that a certain candidate can’t win are wrong.

The Rise of the Lion Mix

The Rise of the Lion Mix by Björn dub

The time has come that all the ages have spoken of. We are the people that have been chosen to change the planet. Will the lion in you rise up to the challenge? Download The Rise of the Lion

~Bjorn Dub

Intention Manifesto

Almost a year ago I was meeting someone for the first time who has now become a close friend. The day before our meeting I sat down and wrote the notes below for our meeting. I see now that our meeting was just the beginning of what has attracted a stream of remarkable people into my life. I see now that the list was channeled to me and it has become a powerful list of "Intentions" that has altered the course of my life. I have now adopted the points on this list into my life as my "Manifesto".

*I am open to connecting with people who operate from the consciousness level that we are all extensions of each other.

*Your success is my success.

*Money is a vehicle not the objective.

*I have eliminated or am in the process of eliminating all the impediments that have been operating in my life that prevent me from being committed to what I know I must fulfill during this lifetime.

*I am creating the kind of freedom that allows me to pursue my objectives.

The Sweet Mystery of Life

To solve the Mystery of Life
one has to be interested in it.

Without interest
there is no solution.

The solution

Like it or lump it
I had to get used to it,
now you get used to it.

Thinking includes the mind,
contemplation excludes it.

If you want to find out
what the nature of something is,
look at it without thought.

Thoughts are waves.
Waves distort Reality.

The Peak Oil Myth

Peak oil, along with Global Warming, or Climate Change, as it has been amended by way of hedge betting on the part of the environmentalist movement, is one of the main worries we mere mortals face today. Add to that all the impending Pandemics and the financial collapse of the world economy, things are looking grim. I do agree with the environmentalists on one thing, climate definitely changes and does so with monotonous regularity.

We are told that we have sucked all the oil there is to suck out of the nipples of our mother planet so any further industrialization of the third world and the demise of our own industrial base, which is well on it’s way, can only be dealt with using unpleasant, but necessary, draconian methods to try and preserve the little we have left of that energy giving nectar we sometimes call “Black Gold”. In an attempt to discourage the use of our Black Gold the environmentalists have promoted a global tax on Co2 emissions, now gaining increasing implementation which is, in effect, a charge for every man woman and child on the planet for the air we breathe. Co2, they claim, is a green house gas that is heating up our planet to disastrous levels and will result in all of us boiling in our own juices if left unchecked. This release of Co2 gas into our environment is a direct result of the unfettered use of fossil fuels, mostly oil. The science says that Co2 is driving the planets weather systems resulting in unprecedented warming. Elementary science would beg to differ given that it is warming that creates more Co2 and not the other way around.

Asbestos Head Chapter 7 - Kindness of Strangers

Joseph Head
-Kindness of Strangers-

Asbestos leaves the trailer park and proceeds toward Main street. He passes a large animal farm and from out of nowhere is caught in the jovial farmer's enthusiastic embrace. He squeezes the bejesus out of Asbestos and immediately apologizes:

"I'm Sorry. I have an overwhelming impulse to hug everyone I see. Please don't take it personally unless that makes you happy."

"No problem." Asbestos smiles and continues.

“Problems. You know son, problems that can be understood beforehand lose their ability to be problematic. So I always consider the worst in order to weed out potential mishaps before they happen.”

Asbestos stops. “That sounds depressing and pessimistic.”

“It’s not pessimism. It’s far-sighted optimism. Intentional cogitation on negativity eventually neutralizes its ability to affect you, so simply pondering potential problems like broken trust, loss of love, death, jealousy, guilt, disappointment and all other negative emotions you're able to vanquish without the anguish of experiencing their gut-wrenching depths. When I was your age, I rode an emotional roller coaster that dragged me up and dropped me down from great heights. Then there was a mid-life plateau in my ride until I realized: Strong minds change one’s emotions whereas weak minds allow emotions to change their ideologies. If you want to understand yourself and experience clearer, more intense emotions, you have to examine all that is unconscious about your changes in emotional states. By examining your own behavior and refining your reactions, emotions become a playground, not a roller coaster."

"Are you saying you’re just happy all the time?"

"I’m not happy all the time, but whenever I’m not, I know it’s my own damn fault. I used to blame other people, events and situations for my subtle discomforts and unhappiness. Blame the cook for bad food, the waiter for serving it slowly, blame the other people in line, blame the other cars in traffic, blame the government for not reading my mind, blame my friends and family for the shortcomings I created: blame my father for being so aggressive, my mother for being so passive, my whole extended family for being so sheltered. It’s so embarrassingly easy to find reasons why others cause your unhappiness. The real challenge is accepting the truth - the truth that every time you feel anything but utter bliss, it’s your own damn fault. Every single time I feel any emotion other than happiness, I see a deeper problem about myself."

NATO, Syria, and Libya - Russian Television Interview

Here's an interview I did on Russian Television to talk about NATO's double-standards and illegal actions in Syria, Libya and - soon to come - other places

~Adrian Salbuchi

Free Society?

If we live in a free society,
then why do we need police?

There is no
such thing as
urgency in death.

Once one has that power of feeding someone you had better be very cordial to them. If you bite the hand that feeds you, then it won't feed you! It's always good to know who controls the food & water supply.

will always
give you away.

The easiest way to find out
what you are is to
negate everything
you are not.

National Popular Vote: Another Step Towards Dictatorship

What is NPV?
NPV wants the President to be elected by a simple majority of all American voters. The National Popular Vote movement is a radically dangerous ploy to side-step an Amendment process that would most definitely fail in favor of individual state battles with simple majority votes. It is much easier for NPV to convince a handful of states to combine or block together their electoral votes then it would be to get the nation as a whole to sign on to the idea that the President should be elected by popular vote.

How it would work.
NPV wants to get the President elected by a simple majority of all American voters by convincing enough states to agree to cast their electoral votes for the winner of the popular vote regardless of the will of the people within their state. In other words, they don’t mind if you cast a vote, they just want to be able to ignore it. Now, every state that signs onto this agreement is upsetting the influence of some of the lesser states with regard to the presidential election. There are 539 total electoral votes. The winner requires a majority or 270 votes. If they can obtain enough states to block 270 votes, they defacto determine that the winner of the popular vote will win the election. Even if they fall short of their goal of at least 270 votes. Each state that jumps on board increases the likely hood that their influence will be sufficient to guarantee the popular vote winner gets the presidency.

Hello Goodbye

My blog Tao Wow took me from a time of realization through many times of confusion as I read others words on realization and at times found that misinterpretation was enough to draw me towards bondage again. On the whole though Tao Wow had very strong posts pointing to the awakened state and at some point I felt it was time to leave it behind and so I moved to Daily Cup of Tao.

Daily Cup of Tao was an attempt to condense awakened ideas to short daily pointers and I had the idea that on completing the blog I’d have nothing left to say. Completing Daily Cup of Tao after one year and roughly 365 posts I took a break.

After the break came Zen in Modern Life, an idea where I would leave the computer and blogging behind and just live, occasionally stopping by to post something. About this time I am noticing a complete lack of an urge to write and the blog is likely, though not surely, to grind to a halt.