Hello Goodbye

My blog Tao Wow took me from a time of realization through many times of confusion as I read others words on realization and at times found that misinterpretation was enough to draw me towards bondage again. On the whole though Tao Wow had very strong posts pointing to the awakened state and at some point I felt it was time to leave it behind and so I moved to Daily Cup of Tao.

Daily Cup of Tao was an attempt to condense awakened ideas to short daily pointers and I had the idea that on completing the blog I’d have nothing left to say. Completing Daily Cup of Tao after one year and roughly 365 posts I took a break.

After the break came Zen in Modern Life, an idea where I would leave the computer and blogging behind and just live, occasionally stopping by to post something. About this time I am noticing a complete lack of an urge to write and the blog is likely, though not surely, to grind to a halt.



  1. Writing is something to do after meditation while waiting for the tea to boil. It's a good way to release those few words that won't stop running around your head. Hope you don't opt for the all or nothing route, as I thoroughly enjoy your periodic periodicals.

  2. Yeah I may write of course, nothing is fixed.

    The latest few things I came close to posting were:

    "As we accept that we can not change the past then are not sadness, anger and regret seen as humerous folly?


    "I told you I love you, not I'm perfect


    "When you decide to speak on the undivided perfect Oneness, you're already forming false-twoness..

    Most if not all my points though, as with points made in my posts, are summed up well in my TTC poem.