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An End in Itself

One of the most important things I got from reading Immanuel Kant was the notion of the end-in-itself. Actually I already knew about this concept, we all do, we just forget. In his Metaphysics of Morals Kant tells us that to be moral we must treat all human beings, including ourselves, not merely as a means to an end but an end-in-ourselves.

This got me thinking about the interactions I have with people in my life. So often I walk into a store and forget that I am dealing with a human being not a vending machine. Certainly my intent is to buy something in the store but Kant is pointing out it is just not “right” to see the clerk as merely a means to my getting something I want to purchase any more than it is "right" for the clerk to see me merely as a means to make money. Kant grants that we need to use ourselves and others as means to ends, but he points out it is "wrong" to not at the same, time treat each other as an end.

Asbestos Head Chapter 3 - People in Houses

Figure Head
-People in Houses-

Figure Head begins his career doing statistical analysis of complex matrices then fuses fractals with chaos theory and proves Euclidean geometry incompatible with Einsteinian relativity.  He even publishes outlandish proofs for Riemann’s hypothesis and Goldbach’s conjecture involving logarithmic properties of infinite infinities in determining prime probabilities.  The institution frowns upon his conclusions and shrugs them aside, but he continues to fund his research travelling as a motivational speaker.


Tonight’s talk: Apeirophobia - The Fear of Infinity

Good Evening folks.  Forms are a fallacy of human perception.  We label repetitive manifestations necessitated by the system as separate but similar entities when in fact nothing is separate and so everything is similar.  The Universe, everything that is, Our mass of matter in motion perpetually molds and shifts, adapts and changes, repeats as a constant result of itself, but never fully separates into an other.  It is One.  You and I, the stars and space.

If you blur your vision enough, forms disappear and you are left with nothing but a mass of color in motion.  There is no word that describes the blur, but perhaps you make one up.  Then you make a habit of making up words for blurs and start recognizing similarities - you label tree blurs, rock blurs, other animal blurs and maybe even atom blurs.  This allows you to compare and categorize, make judgments, and express artistic concerns about the blurs, but the fact remains that the boundaries between blurs are perceptual, not actual.  We know no two trees, rocks, animals, or atoms are exactly alike, but if no two things are exactly alike, We have no way to measure what constitutes one thing or it’s other.  If no two things are exactly alike then there must be only one true form that is everything.

The Path to Atlantis

Most people do not want to believe there is a world outside of our range of perception that was described by the prophets, and ancient mystics of the world. They refuse to believe in the descriptions given by John in Revelations concerning the apocalypse. However, by ignoring it in no way makes this truth any less factual. All of this chaos today is also symbolic of that which is taking place in every soul on this planet and beyond. The description does not correctly describe the magnitude of the situation. As Manley Hall said, “you cannot make a physical literalism out of a spiritual fact“.

Today, and for all of our reincarnated lives we are seeking to overcome our Adamic spiritual limitations. There is only one path to this victory of the soul and humanity. We must see there is a pattern that is eternal, unchanging, and key to our evolutionary process as a species and as a child of the one creator. This pattern is a group of rules that must be adhered to in order to progress and return to the source of creation, our Heavenly Father. You must accept the rules as an inevitability and embrace them, thus defeating them. You can only progress further in the evolution of man by realizing that if you accept these rules you will become a part of the system that has existed for all time, and will continue for eternity. This is the eternal plan of the Heavenly Father.


We live in troubled times; wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, wars on terrorism and drugs, and religious and sectarian violence happening in all quarters of the planet. Add to that the threatened pandemics, anthropogenic global warming and terminal pollution, the Wall Street crash and growing unemployment of the kind not witnessed since the crash of 1929, and it doesn’t look good. With no end to our worries in sight, what are we to do? We live in the golden age of science; surely, we should be able to figure out how to solve our problems no matter how complex they may be. How did things get so bad in such a relatively short period in our known history?

A lot of our problems, if not all of them, can be attributed to personal greed, particularly the Wall Street land pirates and bankers world wide. Personal greed, which has always been a problem, e.g. historical figures like Julius Caesar, who wrote his own history but omitted the bits where he robbed whole nations blind, is always popping up. A major part of Hitler’s war effort seemed to be about looting and pillaging. It was certainly a preoccupation for the German war time leaders who smashed and grabbed their way across the continent of Europe and made frequent trips to, conveniently neutral, Switzerland to make large deposits.

Looting and pillaging aside, one significant aspect at the root of our global problem is, believe it or not, the outlawing of cannabis. The consequence of making cannabis an illegal substance has played an enormous part in the downfall of our modern society, and continues to do so when one adds up the cost of the war on drugs, which encompasses far more than meets the eye and, one can argue, began back in 1937 when Nancy Reagan was still a Hollywood starlet and yet to meet the future President of the United states. When they eventually met back in 1949, he was already the President, albeit of the Screen Actors Guild of America. Little did he or she know that 30 years after they met and married he would become president of the USA and she would be First lady at the vanguard of a new campaign to wage war on the evil weed, along with all the other recreational drugs in their ‘Just-Say-No’ campaign that heralded the modern war on drugs, which is still being waged.

Adrian Salbuchi on Russia Today

Today I was interviewed on RT - Russian Television English Network on the situation in the Middle East. Here is the link: (it’s the third video on the web page). I think that this is a good sign that an alternative viewpoint on World Affairs, as seen from Latin America – Argentina, specifically –, is drawing increasing interest.

~Adrian Salbuchi

The Seventeenth Amendment: The Great Compromise Undone

Why has the Constitution failed to protect the states from incursion by the Federal Government?

The answer is a complicated one, however, it can be boiled down in its essence to two distinct causes: First, ignorance and un-enforcement of the constitution. Second, amendments causing fatal damage to the original intent of the law-givers.

The solution to the first cause involves a re-institution of a free-market educational system. The solution to the second problem involves a discovery of the various amendments to the constitution and an analysis of its intended and unintended consequences. For the sake of this discourse I wish to concentrate upon the second cause and specifically the Seventeenth Amendment.

The first step in analyzing the effects of the Seventeenth Amendment should be to determine the founders’ intent with regard to the original condition upon which this Amendment acted. According to John Adams in a letter dated April 15, 1814 to John Taylor of Caroline, Virginia the legislatures of the states were to determine the method of electing the Senate as a check in the federal system: “the legislatures of the several states are balanced against the senate”. In other words, the Senate owed its allegiance to the state through which it gained its office and through which it would seek additional terms every sixth year.

Asbestos Head Chapter 2 - Absolute Relativity

Pin Head 
-Absolute Relativity-

I love circles, man.  I don’t even believe in straight lines.  I talk circles, walk circles, all circles, concentric circles, Cevian circles, pseudocircles, semi-circles, circumcircles, never sick of circles man.  Do you know any meaningful mathematical manipulation of circles involves an irrational infinite number?   Every circle and ellipse in existence is crossing chaotically in three dimensions like a fucking gigantic fractal gyroscope in perpetual motion.  Think about it: moons orbit planets and planets orbit stars and stars orbit galaxies and galaxies orbit universes and orbits orbit orbits or better yet, orbits are bits of God spinning his ellipses into eternity.  Dude, there’s no graviton, gravity’s just universal centrifugal force.  Every time I leave I always come back, I can’t escape the circles; I tried that and came back by accident.  I walk circles, talk circles.  I don’t even believe in straight lines.  I love circles, man.”

Return of Atlantis

The "Return of Atlantis" is dependent on the "Spiritual War" in Heaven and earth. To help with this explanation I will use the analogy of a computer. Think of a computer. I do this as computers are guided by the rules of mathematics. Math does not lie, have an agenda, or ever change. We are energy which consist of molecules that appear to be empty to modern science. So how can we be something from nothing? It is impossible. Energy is that something. This energy is the unified consciousness of the “Whole/ God”. Energy comes from everywhere in the universe to our sun. The Sun transmits data to the earth. The “Master” programmer is at the center of all universes transmitting to the sun. . This creates vibrations out of the sun towards the planets and earth. which create the illusion of reality. Small subunits of data are sent here to interact, learn and grow, as subunits of the “Whole/God“. This earth is where we operate as data, not where the data comes from. Now in order to go back to the system we must be virus free. This means being pure, loving, and caring only for the growth of the “whole” , which can only be done by shedding our own “subunit” wants and needs, by serving others first.

The subunits all have Yin and Yang. Some “Former Higher Units” (angels) have aligned with their darker side, and wish to control the system. This part of the system has “corrupted data” and they have their own agenda. They feel as slaves to the system since they must serve the other parts with love and selflessness, and they want out. They (TPTB/ fallen) create a “system” in the system to stop other parts from going back to the source. The new system is based on growth by concentrating on this life of bigger houses, cars, and fame. Desires and selfishness called sin. They celebrate the pleasures of the body. UNDERSTAND the body is the lowest spiritual form we can inhabit. This is why a person will never progress spiritually, by living “for the biological body“. We must shed these desires and want to serve the whole by serving other subunits (humans) selflessly. Only through love and peace that is pure of heart, not forced or fear based, can we return and be worthy to allow the “whole” to grow. We must be “virus” free so we can go back to the system.

The Worst Lie You Were Ever Told

The worst lie you were ever told was your name. Likely that lie was told to you by the people who loved you most and at a time when you were previously egoless.

A name is a mind tool for separating nothing into something and something else.

A personal name is a method for no one to define a false separation between nothing and someone.

A law is a facility that enables a person to incriminate someone who doesn't exist for doing something they could never have done.

A bank defines a system by which things that never existed can be given value.

A shop brings about desire and places in people the ability for them to become a thief.

Should you believe that you have X amount of money and can buy set things, be held responsible for taking a thing without payment, and punished by a power then you have no idea who you are.

As nothing is.

Just because someone says that something is the case does not mean it is the case. To remove reason and rejoin to your original self is to see that you need nothing as you are everything. You're not doing anything nor are you being done.


A Rockefeller and a Hard Place

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, as the environmentalist movement, driven by self-serving people like David Rockefeller, Sir Maurice (Green Finger) Strong and the inventor of the Internet, Al Gore, (that’s what he claims?) would indicate. These seemingly well-intentioned saviors of Mother Earth or Gaia as they and the ancients call her, who form the vanguard of the so-called environmentalists, are presently galloping forward on their big white chargers and gas guzzling private jets and limousines to bravely save the planet from over heating and maybe make a shekel or two along the way. As Al Gore never tires of telling us, saving the planet is hard on the pocket and even billionaires have to make a living.

As time goes on, it becomes increasingly apparent that our well-intentioned crusaders are doing nothing more than fear-mongering, given there is a growing belief among the better informed that there is no such thing as Global warming! Armies of scientists are up in arms threatening to sue Gore and his cronies for crimes against humanity and one can see why. For reasons the warmers can’t explain the planet is not cooperating with their greenhouse theories and is getting considerably cooler, not hotter, and more and more people along with the scientists, including journalists and politicians, are speaking out about this heavily manipulated Global warming farce. The fact is climate has always changed; which, as I understand it, has something to do with the weather.

Wood Creations by Joney

Danger: Rand Paul to Push for Constitutional Convention

Has the sellout of the Republican Majority begun?

I wonder why so many well-meaning citizens of this land have allowed themselves to be convinced that a new Constitution would be any more adhered to than the current. I have read the many objections to the current system which they wish to redress and I concur with most of the arguments. I do not, however, subscribe to the idea that the current Constitution is flawed. Without exception, all the reasons for redress are a direct result of not adhering to the current Constitutional limits in place. So we are not faced with a problem related to system or form, but rather a problem of enforcement of governmental limits already in place.

Peace Compilation and Semi-Scripted Rant

Sooo I figured that it's about time to do something with my days and getting some things out of my head. The little speech is something I wrote as a backdrop for a short story that I'll start writing within the next few days. If you've followed the Love Police, as I'm sure most of you have, you might be able to tell that I've drawn some inspiration from Charlie's style (at least production-wise). Hope the bigbrothercorporation doesn't pooch me for using their film clips. Hope you like it :) Peace