The universe is always giving us something in every moment. What makes the difference between being happy and being unhappy is that we have preferences. The world offers pain and pleasure, joy and sadness. We cannot escape what we are given. We cannot change the way the world is in any given moment. Our having preferences only adds suffering on top of our experience of what is given. When we get what we prefer we suffer that we may lose it. When we get what we do not prefer we suffer over what we believe we should have gotten.

The truth is that we can experience pain without suffering and pleasure without worry that it may end. But we must be willing to live in the moment. We must be willing to fully experience what we are given without thoughts of the past or future. It is only then that we can truly experience being alive.

Living in the moment is a practice that we take on so that we can fully experience being alive. The past is gone there is no life there. There are only fleeting memories of moments that are no longer real. The future is yet to be created. What we seek to create in the future is given by how we are in the present moment. It makes no sense to live in the future. It makes no sense to live for the future.

The Phenomena of Religion & Spirituality

Religion & spirituality
are a phenomena.
They must be making
a living at it;
they're still going!

I learned more about spirituality
digging a septic-tank hole, 9' X 16',
at 15 years of age
in the Outback of Australia.

Knowing nothing
creates wonderment.

I live a wonderful life.
My world is
full of mySelf.
Good fortune to me
that I love mySelf.

I understand
you might want
to help people.
Better to help

Does the EU Have an Expiry Date?

A veritable re-engineering of the entire planet has been taking place in front of our eyes for many decades now. However, since it is gradual, most people do not notice or understand what is happening. Just like the proverbial frog that if thrown into boiling water painfully jumps out and survives, but will be cooked and die if thrown into lukewarm water where the heat rises one degree every 5 minutes…

What goes under the name of “New World Order”, “Globalization” or (my favourite) “World Government” describes the long-term objectives of a highly powerful Global Power Elite embedded inside every country, notably the US and Europe, that owns, operates and channels every country’s resources – oil, finance, economic strength, military prowess, natural resources – from inside to promote their supranational agenda. This highly complex, holistic and extensively planned process helps explain much (if not all) of the on-going violence, chaos and injustice we see in the realms of finance, politics and the economy. But good strategic planning also requires experimentation, trial and error, scenario building and war games.

My native country, Argentina (and Latin America as a whole), have been repeatedly used for such “experimentation”, as happened here ten years ago when the international banking cartel aligned to the IMF/World Bank, US Treasury Department, rating agencies and the “qualified” mainstream media, worked together to collapse Argentina’s financial and monetary system, but at the same time managed to save all their banks that operated in the country. Argentines saw their money locked up in the banks, their Dollar deposits were arbitrarily changed into local devalued pesos at fraudulent rates of exchange as local Caretaker Governments (to this very day) take measures always aligned to local and international banker interests. The results for Argentina? GDP fell by 40% in 2002; 50% of our population fell below the poverty line (most never made it back up again); violence and death on our streets, foreclosures, bankruptcies, full-fledged social war (that stopped just short of civil war) and yet…. not one single bank folded!

There is Only Oneness, Tao

Enlightenment is the acceptance that there is no one to be enlightened and as the seeker dissolves so too that which was sought is no longer separate. There is only oneness, Tao.

  • Biologically it could be the time delay that the front brain requires to perform its operations that causes humans to be so self conscious and to feel strong separation.
  • Linguistically it could be that as we grew up everything we learned was in a language of duality and so we can not think in concepts or explain idea that are not dual.
  • Culturally it could be that generations before us have lived in suffering believing they must fear an almighty, that life is preparation for afterlife, that choices are made and reward or punishment ensue.
  • Socially it could be that we act in hierarchies, groups, pairs or alone and in all of these roles we reaffirm the false belief that we are a separate part in the greater whole.
  • Philosophically it could be that we echo ideas that "I think therefore I am" but fail to question how there seem to be two I's in the same sentence. We trap ourselves in Noun does Verb even when the active and the passive are one.
  • Politically we are told that you can drag a cart with two opposing horses and make valuable progress.

For whatever reason they feel it, feeling separate, people will seek reconnection. There is only oneness, there is only Tao, appearing as whatever it appears to be and it is nothing more than an appearance seeming to happen. All that comes goes, nothing that arises in mind has any permanence or reality. All arising will dissolve as the the source is an apparent arising too.


Asbestos Head Chapter 12 - Paradise Found

Bed Head
-Paradise Found-

Asbestos is released from jail in the morning.  After a meal of fresh baked bread and squeezed grape juice from his favorite restaurant he heads toward his friend Bed Head's House of Dreams gallery.  The large country-style cabin contains three courtyards and almost a mile of winding corridors stretching the maze-like exterior in and around the surrounding forest.  Due to the nature of the exhibits it's under constant construction but still maintains a completed appearance with each addition.  Bed and his wife Vanessa Head are known in these parts as onieronaut artists.  Explorers of the dreamworld manifesting fantasies into reality through their multi-media art gallery experiences.  Having become dissatisfied with the lack of immersion achieved by standard singular mediums, they fully design and build each room in their gallery to be a macro-medium in itself, providing thematic backdrops for dynamic compositions consisting of everything from painting and furniture making to computer animation.  All their ideas come from dreams and their art from a passion to experience them in waking life. 

They begin by drafting blue-prints of the rooms Bed builds in accordance with appropriate acoustics, spacing and lighting for the exhibit.  Then Vanessa usually floors, paints, stencils, wallpapers or however readies the rooms for their intended atmosphere.  They’re filled with her furniture, rugs, paintings, sculptures, and other still life displays handmade for the exhibit.  Speaker systems are installed to play anything from white noise to original theme music written and performed by Vanessa.  Some exhibits include flat screens with looped video art, animation or cinematics.  Then all exhibits include short stories and poetry written for the rooms by Bed Head.  The latest is a spacious bedroom with giant picture windows, behind which concave plasma screens stream video of an apocalyptic seventh story city view.  The only sounds are muffled screams and distant roars of fire.  She models it after a dream of Bed Head’s, which he has just finished turning into a short story for display on the nightstand.

Essential Reading Regarding Iran

As the rhetoric for war with Iran begins to mount, first with the staged DEA-Saudi bomb plot, and now with an upcoming IAEA report supposedly "exposing" Iran's nuclear arms ambitions, it is important to re-read through the signed confessions by the corporate-fascist interests behind this drive for war where it is admitted that:

1. Iran poses no threat to US national security - even if they acquired nuclear arms- rather Iran threatens US interests throughout the Middle East, half-way across the planet.

2. Iran desperately wants to avoid armed conflict with both Israel and the West and would use nuclear weapons merely as a defensive deterrence.

3. The US and Israel are actively looking to provoke Iran into war with a combination of covert support for destabilization within Iran, supporting listed terrorist organizations, and limited unilateral military first strikes to provoke an Iranian response needed to justify a wider military confrontation.

All of this is shockingly spelled out in extreme detail within the pages of the corporate-financier funded Brooking Institution report, "Which Path to Perisa?" It is essential that every American, European, and Israeli read just how malicious, callus and eager the globalist elite are to trigger a catastrophic war with the Islamic Republic for the sole purpose of protecting Wall Street and London's hegemony throughout the Middle East.

The Lost People of Atlantis - Dubay Family Research

Eric Dubay - Gyana Mudra
This is a continuation of my first post “Manipulation of History” which began as my own personal journey to find the truth that has been buried deep within the pile of lies and deception that prevails in the world. As a writer I prefer to write the truth, and when you only find lies and deception all around, a writer can't help but find the truth to show the people of the world.

In my own personal search for truth, I came across a post made by Eric Dubay about Manipulation of History which made my journey a lot more interesting. Though I would say my approach is not the correct one generally, as I am a very impatient person when I get excited about a topic and I can definitely get on people’s nerves which is generally to test people for understanding their level of tolerance along with their true agenda.

Converts Life Force into Power of Knowledge
One of the points that I had made on that post was about his name which particularly struck me and stayed within the confines of my mind. His name kept nagging me for a long time, and it made me keep coming back to his blogs over and over. I am a very highly opinionated kind of person because I generally reach to a conclusion after looking at all the evidence to prove a point.

I became aware of things I was never aware about in the world through his blogs, and I was able to learn about things that many of us Indians would not know about. It is a general habit of any person to remain within the personal circles of comfort which helps them feel safe about themselves, even though it may not be the safest way to live. After many of our conversations, we came back to the origins of his name which had bothered me for a very long time. Hence, I began searching for the original roots of his family line which led me to a great discovery which can not only help his family realize the truth about their origins but the world as well.

The Compassionate Model of Happiness

Compassion is proven scientifically and in real world cases to be the root of true happiness. All other sources of happiness, such as material goods, activities or relationships, can be taken away and the result is sadness. Compassion cannot be taken away, but it can be ignored. It can be ignored and replaced by selfishness - but we can be compassionate to selfishness too.

A lady sits home alone and the door-bell rings. She is not expecting visitors so she ignores the bell. From the window she sees a man she does not know and she decided for safety to ignore the bell for 20 minutes of ongoing ringing as she selfishly protects herself. Compassion may say that she should answer the call as this person may need help. Compassion for her says she may well be right to ignore the bell as he may have other plans. Compassion for him, even if he has evil intentions, would see that he has a past leading him to such behavior.

Beyond Imagination

Turn away
from the world
& have a look.

You can't make a word
out of one letter.

What is coming
is beyond man's

When you are looking
for something
you need a world
to look for it in.

Staying open to the unknown
in life
is the formula
for living life to
its fullest.

Once you fill up
all your time,
you're out of it.

In my life,
anything that
isn't positive
has to go.

Debt Crisis? What Debt Crisis?

Ever wondered what 114.5 Trillion looks like? This puts it into perspective:

$100 - Most counterfeited money denomination in the world. Keeps the world moving.

$10,000 - Enough for a great vacation or to buy a used car. Approximately one year of work for the average human on earth.