The Eternal Return

Are you living the kind of life that you would be willing to live over again and again? This is the question Frederic Nietzsche poses for us to ask ourselves. Certainly not everything about our lives has occurs as pleasant but when we look back do we see the purpose of everything that has happened and see that life had to be that way it was in order for us to become who we have become? Do we feel grateful for having lived the lives we got?

There are a number of insights in the challenge Nietzsche puts out for us. One is to realize that we are creating our lives and we are not victims. If we aren’t living the kind of life that is sufficiently rewarding and exciting that we would want to live it again it is up to us to address that.

We can rise to Nietzsche’s challenge either by finding the courage to change something in our lives or coming to understand that our life is perfect just the way it is because there is something valuable in every experience we have. Either way our experience is that our life is worth living and even living over again.

But Nietzsche’s Eternal Return is not simply a philosophy to live by it is also an affirmation of the souls desire to have every experience that is possible to have. This explains all the joy and all the pain that being a human being affords. Thereby the soul will move “Beyond Good and Evil”, the tile of a book by Nietzsche, to return to an experience over and over until it has experienced it fully before it will move on to another experience.

Nietzsche invites us to embrace all that is available, every opportunity that is provided, expressing “the eternal Yes to all things”, to jump “Into every abyss…” This is how the soul strives for victory over limitation. This is how the universe is created. Without this striving the universe could not have been created. The soul seeks to make every possibility actual.

Nietzsche’s challenge to us then is to be ever willing to examine our lives and embrace both the experiences that our soul needs to become complete but also to be willing to recognize when our soul needs to move on to experience something new.

~Michael Jenkins

From the Source

If you want
a relationship
with someone,
use their name.

It's all practice.
No matter what
happens in life,
maintain stability
or else you'll sink.

There is only a need
for man-made laws
when one doesn't
follow God's laws.

When politics
divide people,
they are conquered.

You are your own last hope.
If you live in hope
then you will die in hope.

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat. Teach him how to use the Internet, and you won’t see him for weeks.

One monk was cast out of the monastery for sitting in his room one-hand-clapping. He complained bitterly as he had been under strict instructions to find the sound of this act and had mistaken it for a method of Tantra to aid him in some spiritual high, the sound of one hand clapping he had found to be pleasurable.

The source of inspiration now for seekers of the non-dual, the Buddha Mind, The Way, is the Internet, there are more sources available now than ever, from published books made into e-books to the ramblings of realized sages sitting in their home studies. Also we find much crap, more than ever, from people tied to fixed principals and lost battling questions which arose from misinterpreting some ancient text or another.

You’re listening to the sound of one hand typing. What is the sound of mind loving?


Lies, Damn Lies, and Stupid Lies

Everyday we hear it on the news, see it on the TV and read about it in the newspapers, what a danger to the world Iran is becoming all because it wants to build a nuclear power station to serve the energy needs of its citizens. Hilary Clinton is rabid at the idea along with her fellow Zionists in America and Israel. They view Iran’s right to decide its own future as tantamount to an act of war and threaten them with war in an attempt to persuade them to see things their way. America on the one hand are pointing out that “Peak Oil” is with us and there will be no energy to spare, on the other they are saying that although nuclear power is okay for them, they do not want Iran to have it because they will make nuclear bombs and attack the free world and they will just have to get along without the means to build a sustainable economy for their people.

Imagine someone running into your living room on a hot and sweaty day and forcing you to turn off your fan because they don’t want you to cool off and informing you that you will never be able to use your fan again because they don’t like it. I might take umbrage to that particular liberty. The reality is that the West’s insistence that Iran cannot entertain the idea of nuclear power because they don’t like it, is a terrible liberty and completely without merit. To add insult to injury the demon makers in Washington have gone out of their way to convince the Global community that Iran is hell bent on building a nuclear arsenal for the express purpose of destroying the very principles of democracy and all that is held dear to the freedom lovers of the world. The fact is we are all free to do what we are told. A strange kind of freedom wouldn’t you say. Shut up they explain.

A decided case of the “pot calling the kettle black” and an incredible hypocrisy given that America’s idea of freedom is to take it away from all and sundry including its own citizens. They are bordering on the maniacal with the venom they are spitting at Iran and the propaganda media is working overtime to ensure that each and every one of us is aware that Ahmadinejad is the Devil on Earth for daring to challenge the might of America.

Asbestos Head Chapter 6 - Mutual Masturbation

Richard Head
-Mutual Masturbation-

Dick Head lives in a doublewide trailer and watches super-satellite digital cable television on triple picture-in-picture plasma surround sound panorama-vision.  He hates gay men and fantasizes about gay women.  He thinks a threesome would complete his existence.  He’s transfixed by engines.  He follows all sports and his favorite teams are whoever’s closest.  He’s also very patriotic.  He even prefers domestic beer. He spends more money on beer than food.  He spends more money on lottery tickets than beer.  He thinks sex is a topic containing infinite humor for the same reason he hates gay men.  He tucks his wife beaters into his briefs.  His tattoo says transcendence in Chinese. 

Everyday he sits slack-jawed, slouched in a recliner, beer-buzzed and sugar-high while Hollywood’s never ending boner penetrates his eye sockets and skull-fucks his brains out.  As a result he rarely thinks a deep thought and masturbates like it’s routine maintenance.  This mind-fuck sucks his love for physical beauty and all things sexual drives him to marry the most beautiful thing that will have sex with him.  Then he masturbates on his wife’s face like it’s routine maintenance.  After spending his life savings on life insurance and that big fucking television he becomes so poor he can’t even pay attention, so he carries distraction devices for more riff-raff, collects little doo-dads to knick-knack, go-goes to girly shows to get his paddy-whacked in lap dances then comes rolling home to give the bitch her bone.

The Harvest of Souls

Basil Stewart in the 1929 publication of the "Mystery of the Great Pyramid," suggested that a very, very ancient “common source” (a person, group, culture, etc.) before the Egyptian culture was responsible for the building of the Great Pyramid. The purpose of building the Great Pyramid was to enshrine their knowledge and understanding of the mysteries they knew for future generations. The structure like the Great Pyramid was chosen since it would remain unchanged and uncorrupted over the generations. Written and oral records would not be satisfactory since they can be changed and edited very easily over time. It would be more difficult to corrupt a large brick structure.

This knowledge now finally being unlocked is mentioned in The Law of One transcripts. The only accompanying text (with what modern researchers would state ) to the pyramid would be the Egyptian book of the Dead. In this book it states that the pyramids were built by the "sun gods".

According to the Law of One these were built by Ra and company who were 4D beings from Venus that were here to help their "brothers and sisters" (us) along. This was prior to the cycle we are in now. We were different from the former experiments. We (being pieces of the creator) decided to try out what 3D would be like but with an extreme "dualistic view". Each incarnation is intended to be a course in the Creator knowing Itself.

The Latest "Certificate of Live Birth"

Just out of curiosity I decided to examine the Birth certificate that the Obama Administration released earlier this week. I downloaded it and magnified it in adobe reader and saw some suspicious aspects around all the lettering. The transparent background was disconcerting and some of the lettering looked strange. I thought some of the print mismatch could be attributed to the form having had pre-printed lettering and filled in with type writer.

So I decided to get a closer look. I loaded it into adobe illustrator cs4 to see if there were any layers within the document. Here is a screen shot that shows the serial number and signatures on separate layers. This is indicative of a document that was pieced together. It looks as if multiple form pieces were assembled into a new creation.

I am simply reporting what I found. I am not responsible for this fiasco. Why was there a flight to Hawaii to get this document? It is obviously electronic. If they were getting hard copy it would have been scanned to create the pdf. None of these layers would then exist. An electronic copy could have easily been emailed to the white house. I don’t know what is going on here and I don’t know why this guy’s records have been hidden. Bottom line… These stories do not add up. There would be no need to travel to Hawaii to acquire this document. None at all.

~Federal Expression

Obama Gets Osama

Barack Hussein Obama caught and killed Osama Bin Laden... Then he dumped his body into the sea... Is one hand washing the other? Are Obama and Osama two sides of the same coin? Is the Global Power Elite setting the stage for a horrible False Flag attack that will dwarf 9/11???

~Adrian Salbuchi