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The Myth of Mental Illness and The War on Entheogens

The myth of mental illness is propaganda, and is the myth that what are being called by this culture, 'mental illnesses', or 'conditions', or 'disorders', are actually biological diseases of the brain. There, however, do not exist any medical scientific tests to support this supposed 'medical science', so they try and use observation of behaviour, rhetoric, and coercion, to beguile the visionaries, sensitive people, the gullible, and the vulnerable.

By 'myth' of mental illness, I am not meaning that people do not feel many various forms of psychological, and/or psychosomatic distresses, and sense of feeling 'not normal', and so on, but rather the myth is the demand to believe - scientifically - that 'mental illness/disorder', as they call it, is biologically caused by 'chemical imbalance', genes, brain abnormalities. But as there exist no definite medical tests to prove what they state, and diagnose, then all we have is subjective opinion from 'experts' who checklist behavioural 'symptoms' as being 'mental illnesses' needing medical 'treatment'.

Drug companies have now created microchipped medication, or 'smart pills', which they are pushing. The danger for people already pressurized to take psychiatric medication will be immense with 'Big Brother' inside their bodies making sure they don't miss one of 'his' tablets!

Bio-psychiatry theorizes that emotional distress is a result of a defect in the brain. Yet, it does not understand the brain and its methods are to suppress the functioning of the brain. We must differentiate between the brain and the mind. Of the mind, it knows nothing and offers nothing.” – Dr Dan L. Edmunds

We are being seen as machines, and our brains are meant to be functioning according to mechanistic principles that suit the established norms of this consumerist culture. This is based on a mechanistic philosophy and psychology, and I would like to point out the influential 'thinkers' who have been chosen by the rich to implement this paradigm to suit their purposes - as usual as more profit for them.

Rational Israelis

It is heart warming, if I can use such a mild description to comment on such a terrible reality, that a groundswell of resistance to Zionist oppression in Israel is building daily. Rational and concerned Jews are voicing their opinions with increasing urgency as recent articles in leading Israeli newspapers indicate. Writers for Israel's largest dailies, the Jerusalem Post and Ha'aretz, vilify Israel's inhuman treatment of Palestinians. They use language which would arouse a chorus of outrage as "anti-Semitic" in any American church, university or legislative body. If anti-Semitism is "strong criticism of Israel," as the Anti-Defamation League and the government of Israel now insist, then some of the world's most outspoken anti-Semites exist where one would least expect them.

World Peace Pipe

Millions of smokers see the cure to cigarette craving as a cigarette. This cure for craving though lasts a mere few hours and soon returns.

The cure is instead to not answer the craving with a cigarette but with nothing. Tough as this seems this fix is permanent.

Millions see the answer to spiritual craving as sutras, meditation, pilgrimage, visiting a church or making a donation. The answer again is to not answer the craving but give it nothing. With time this fix is unending spiritual release.

Giving up smoking is tough. What about that craving for external spiritual release that is truly within?


Cheap Oil Everywhere

Americans need to understand that the world’s oil is not in limited supply. The lie is found in the term “fossil fuels”. Oil and gas are not the result of decaying wildlife and prehistoric animals. Rather, oil and gas are the result of natural geological processes within the earth. Have you ever considered if it is physically possible for the remains of animals and plant-life to be drawn by gravity to the depths necessary for our oil supplies to have been originated in this fashion? Many of these wells are far deeper than you might imagine. Furthermore, international oil corporations are funding the green movement. One might ask, “Why would oil producers support the green agenda?”. The reason is simple. The green agenda perpetuates the myth that our world’s oil supply is limited. It allows oil companies to hide behind this myth and gives them a pretense to charge prices based on artificial scarcity. Without this dynamic, profits for oil would suffer and the ability to manage the world’s oil under a limited cartel (OPEC) would become nearly impossible.

More importantly, these myths are used to justify the sacrifice of the lives of our children on Middle East sand dunes. Please do your homework and spread this message. The lives of our children and your standard of living are at stake. The “On Topic” link below shows recent scientific revelations which support the idea of abiotic oil. It includes the research work done by Vladimir Kutcherov, Anton Kolesnikov, and Alexander Goncharov which was recently published in the scientific journal Nature Geoscience.

On Topic:

~Federal Expression

The Great Pyramid, Christ, and Kali Yuga

The Great Pyramid's King chamber resonates at an F sharp frequency. This also happens to be the resonant frequency of this universe that quantum physics has found. Each wall vibrates at a different rate combining to an F sharp. It is said that as the wind blows across the shafts it creates a "bottle effect" and creates the sound at low levels.

The southern shaft in the Kings Chamber reaches to the outer surface of the Pyramid and is aligned with Orion's belt. Orion was associated with Osiris, and was also the god of the netherworld. The northern shaft aligns with Thuban, in the constellation of Draco. Now guess which star consciousness the so-called reptilians are from? Draco. Alpha draconic represents the devouring, negative entropy of our universe. Guess which stars are said to be home of the brotherhood of Light? Orion. Orion was the positive creative energy in our local universe. Two systems opposed (Yin and Yang), but needed for balance and harmony in the education of the soul. Lucifer was a fallen "star" and Jesus was signified by a "star".

In my humble opinion, stars are consciousness. They are the "light" that we strive to return to. It is not by chance that the solar cycle is going a little nuts, and so is humanity. If the earth is an entity connected for the growth of souls coming from stars, then the sun expanding along with the earth would make sense as consciousness grows. Look at the connections with the Japanese rising sun symbol, the Egyptians, and the illuminati use of the sun as a symbol of significance. The sun is worshiped and used in symbology in every mystery school and culture around the world. This would explain every story of Kings returning to the stars, and the obsession with the “all seeing eye” and the “fallen star” of Lucifer by the powers that be and satanic cults. If reality is nothing more than a projection from God’s mind (Eye of Horus) , and our “third eye,” then we can see why the illuminati hold this concept both sacred and secret. Somewhere in the story of our planet the “fallen star” consciousness sought to take over the job as creator and hold this world hostage. This goes into the “macros” and John Dee’s Enochian angels. It is all connected.

A Message to the Great Peoples of Egypt, Middle East & North Africa

Drawing on the dreadful experience of Argentina and Latin America with US-brand "democracy", I offer some tips and guidelines to the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa, notably Egypt which is central to the Global Power Elite's sovereign Nation eroding strategies.

~Adrian Salbuchi

Asbestos Head Chapter 4 - Present of All Presence

Doc Head
-Present of all Presence-

Doc Head holds post-graduate degrees in both psychology and philosophy.  In clinical work he finds philosophy to be more helpful and relevant because it is always looking forward pushing the progress of thought, whereas the majority of psychological research looks backwards trying to find explanations for behaviors.  As a result, instead of diagnosing behavioral abnormalities, he provides philosophical arguments against his patients and brings them face to face with their flaws.

Instead of tracing fear of commitment to childhood abandonment, attributing apathy to life-long depression, or otherwise trying to make explanations in rewind, he Socratically challenges their current, personal reasoning and rationale behind such issues and gives educated nudges in advantageous directions. His questions channel their thoughts through unexplored depths. Most people are never adequately challenged in their beliefs and judgments.  Simply spending time sitting down with an educated moral philosopher expands their personal understanding and gives conversation a new perspective, like the extrospection section of self-reflection.

What More Can We Ask For?

Sometimes, you just need to cry out for a better world


Brilliant Coloring and Woodart Slideshow

The bright colors will improve your mood, and the geometrical shapes will improve your mind!!! FOR REAL!!!!! All my work comes to me through prayer and deep meditation. I have 97 designs covering 9 years. For more info, pictures, or prices contact me at also visit and

~Joney Jackson

Buck Naked

We live in a world where whenever you catch a plane you will all be seen, wherever you travel from and to, by total strangers, totally naked, as will your wife, your daughters, your Mother, your Grandmother and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all. Just so that certain people can make a buck. Not too long ago a man, allegedly, and I say allegedly, because we have no real proof that he was the terrible threat he was made out to be, other than an hysterical news media, tried to set fire to his underpants on a flight to America and was viewed as the tip of the iceberg to the alarmists of this world convinced that the very fabric of our air travel security was at stake because a lone loony blew up his own underpants. The relatively minor event, not since repeated, prompted the introduction of, on the global scale, devices known as Back Scatter scanners. These scary devices will literally, take nude pictures of your body, down to the smallest detail including your genitals and any implants that you may have had.

Save Baby Joseph

There's an 18-month-old baby boy in Canada who is about to be put to death by the Canadian government. I'm writing to you today so that you can help Priests For Life save this baby's life if possible. Here's the situation … The baby, who is known as Baby Joseph, is suffering from a critical condition that requires him to have a breathing tube in order to stay alive. However, the Canadian government has decided that they don't want to spend any more money on Baby Joseph to keep him alive. And, to everyone's horror, the government won't even let Baby Joseph go home with his parents.

Read This Entire Article Here

~Federal Expression

iAct iReact

King or pauper, loss or gain, grind or flow, construction destruction, heart break or heart felt, are all experience in the process acted by actor I. Attachment to the experience or the material haves or have nots here is farcical.

Forget the acted actor and the play drops away. Revert to perfect source.

That we see war and still go back to war is showing that lessons are not learned so are re-acted. We do not need to learn again and again though, we may simply forget the first illusion, the idea we are separate, then the play is not acted, the process-experience flows without an ego, an ego who is effect not cause but convinced he drives the show.

The only lesson to learn is that lessons need not be learned, instead simply extinguished, realized as unreal as their reality is fabricated from the false idea of I-separate.

To go about saying “this is wrong, these people are oppressive, I should be able to have this, I do not want to have this experience-process” is not showing that you are wise and right, but that you are suffering a show on behalf of an actor you believe to be real.


Interest Rates: The Price of Money

What exactly are interest rates? How are they determined and what is their effect upon the economy? In short, interest rates are the price of money. The Austrian school of economics has a simple explanation that seeks to answer these questions.

The Austrian School Explanation
The Austrians explain that there are two basic types of economic ventures which co-exist at any one time. There is low-order production and higher-order production. Low-order production involves the manufacture of short-term ready supply items. Items that the public demand now. For instance, peanut butter, bread, milk and the like. These items are needed immediately and consumers are ready to purchase now. High-order production involves long-term projects that seek to produce goods for sale at a later time. Most building projects, farm equipment, labor-saving machinery and like tools would fall into this category.

Now, all production requires capital. Capital could be machinery or it could be laborers or cash. In the case of cash, most high-order production relies on loans and the interest rates for loans will tend to dictate when such ventures will be initiated. In a free market, interest rates fall when consumers choose to save rather than spend. This is so because in the aggregate the availability or supply of cash is increased and as an incentive to move that cash out in the form of loans to producers the interest rate drops.