iAct iReact

King or pauper, loss or gain, grind or flow, construction destruction, heart break or heart felt, are all experience in the process acted by actor I. Attachment to the experience or the material haves or have nots here is farcical.

Forget the acted actor and the play drops away. Revert to perfect source.

That we see war and still go back to war is showing that lessons are not learned so are re-acted. We do not need to learn again and again though, we may simply forget the first illusion, the idea we are separate, then the play is not acted, the process-experience flows without an ego, an ego who is effect not cause but convinced he drives the show.

The only lesson to learn is that lessons need not be learned, instead simply extinguished, realized as unreal as their reality is fabricated from the false idea of I-separate.

To go about saying “this is wrong, these people are oppressive, I should be able to have this, I do not want to have this experience-process” is not showing that you are wise and right, but that you are suffering a show on behalf of an actor you believe to be real.



  1. Beautifully and poignantly written as always. Peace

  2. I like this Tawan. You won't mind if I turn your well-written piece into a poem? Your prose would work well in poetic form;)

    Regards; poetic prose and proseic poetry

    Xinyu Hu

  3. Great Xinyu. I'd like to read that.

  4. Hey Tawan - I sent Eric the poem, I hope he publishes it soon. In fact, I sent him at least ten poems today.

    I wrote about another ten poems today at school as well.

    And by the way - what is your email Tawan?

    Thanks and Regards

    Xinyu Hu