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Americans need to understand that the world’s oil is not in limited supply. The lie is found in the term “fossil fuels”. Oil and gas are not the result of decaying wildlife and prehistoric animals. Rather, oil and gas are the result of natural geological processes within the earth. Have you ever considered if it is physically possible for the remains of animals and plant-life to be drawn by gravity to the depths necessary for our oil supplies to have been originated in this fashion? Many of these wells are far deeper than you might imagine. Furthermore, international oil corporations are funding the green movement. One might ask, “Why would oil producers support the green agenda?”. The reason is simple. The green agenda perpetuates the myth that our world’s oil supply is limited. It allows oil companies to hide behind this myth and gives them a pretense to charge prices based on artificial scarcity. Without this dynamic, profits for oil would suffer and the ability to manage the world’s oil under a limited cartel (OPEC) would become nearly impossible.

More importantly, these myths are used to justify the sacrifice of the lives of our children on Middle East sand dunes. Please do your homework and spread this message. The lives of our children and your standard of living are at stake. The “On Topic” link below shows recent scientific revelations which support the idea of abiotic oil. It includes the research work done by Vladimir Kutcherov, Anton Kolesnikov, and Alexander Goncharov which was recently published in the scientific journal Nature Geoscience.

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