A Message to the Great Peoples of Egypt, Middle East & North Africa

Drawing on the dreadful experience of Argentina and Latin America with US-brand "democracy", I offer some tips and guidelines to the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa, notably Egypt which is central to the Global Power Elite's sovereign Nation eroding strategies.

~Adrian Salbuchi


  1. Adrian:

    As sincere as you may be, there is no such thing as democracy, and the black-and-white mentality is not just about, "Mubarak versus democracy" - the dichotomy also extends to the entire RESISTANCE movement itself. Resistance is futile. To resist more is to create the very conditions of slavery.

    The mentality of us versus them is still present no matter how much you resist or how you resist. Resistanec is what the elite wants.


  2. " You get what you resist " was a key aphorism in EST. That "Truism" becomes obvious when you keenly observe: Running late? You hit every light: you wind up behind every old lady or school bus, and your familiar road is under construction. On the otherhand, you're running early; that familiar route is traffic free, you make every light, and you're looking to waste five more minutes. in both instances we are "resisting"
    That resistance creates more of what we are resisiting.
    Some of us will try and get centered, breathe deep and become calm and collected, and others will curse the schoolbus driver and look for an avenue to pass that %$#*ing bus (Me)
    I wonder if in my need to survive, my unmet needs/deisres trigger resistance and anger beyond my control? Am I hard-wired to resist? Is it merely a survival mechanism? Perhaps slavery seems more attractive "non-beingness"