Asbestos Head Chapter 1 - How to Write Original Music

Asbestos Head
-How to Write Original Music-

God is the infinite existence or causal creation of all matter.

Asbestos Head is a finite congregation of super-specialized matter capable of creativity and rationale, through which he deduces that God is the infinite existence or causal creation of all matter.

Asbestos Head’s read Hoyle and Hawking and one of them is right; either everything that is has always existed or came into existence at some point in time.  One disjunct is true but Asbestos is unsure which because he himself is merely a semi-mobile subjective perception unit incapable of knowing objective truth or comprehending infinity.

What he does know is consciousness of God’s existence is contingent upon such congregations of matter, as is matter’s physical existence contingent upon God.  Therefore either God is causal, singular and separate - an outside entity somehow responsible for His own existence, the creation of the universe, and the creation of other beings to recognize Him, or existence is non-causal, plural, parts and whole of all that is with nothing outside Us because We’re all infinite self-reflexive pieces of God interacting, changing, acting out eternity.

Asbestos’ best guess is God is non-causal and thinks once Ockham’s razor slits the wrists of an unmoved mover We’ll all be left moving alone together forever, for without God, Asbestos is condemned to Godel’s incompleteness and without Asbestos, God is the silent sound of trees falling in solipsist forests.


I am abundance beyond measure I have a palace larger than imagination, bejeweled with the entire wealth mind can make, I travel time, I give speed to light, I am.

I am infinite and am the master of form in which I play. Choosing life after life I dance the waves with a dolphin form, I dance the flame in fire, I dance the taste of food on tongues, I dance the spectrum of sound, I dance and dance, the universe is me.

Tied to a form I dance the dance of misery, I let others be to whom I compare myself and my letting them be seems to make my being be because of them. In this way I dance suffering. I dance awakening when I forget form and I burst free of multiplicity back to myself. In this way I dance the dance of samsara nirvana, my favourite dance which paints my spectrum on and on and om.

Make Every Negative a Positive

Where to Buy American Gasoline and Where Not to Buy

Are you aware that the Saudis are boycotting American products? In addition, they are gouging us on oil prices. Shouldn't we return the favor? Can't we take control of our own destiny and let these giant oil importers know who REALLY generates their profits, their livings? How about leaving American Dollars in America and reduce the import/export deficit? An appealing remedy might be to boycott their GAS. Every time you fill up your car you can avoid putting more money into the coffers of Saudi Arabia . Just purchase gas from companies that don't import their oil from the Saudis. Nothing is more frustrating than the feeling that every time I fill up my tank, I'm sending my money to people who I get the impression want me, my family and my friends dead.

Texas Chemtrails

The Global Power Elite's Achille's Heel

As We The People come together in our global fight against the New World Order Leviathan, we need to have basic ideas and tenets firmly in mind. One of these is that the Global Power Elite NEED that we freely accept to serve them. We must therefore exercise our FREE WILL refusing to bow to them.

~Adrian Salbuchi

Being Awareness

There is a little feeling of sadness today, an incorrectness, feeling of change. This is entirely wonderful though as it will pass and it will be replaced by happiness. The happiness though is not the reason for wonder, but the deeper fact, that I am the watcher, the cause and the awareness of these changes.

Have you understood who you are?

It is possible to see that all questions and concerns in the world require you for them to be. If there were not a you then another like you would be here to experience them. With no experiencer then the concern would have no reality. Does it then have reality as there is an experiencer?

Reality is formed by the mind. The mind has the nature to split and form dualities. The questions and the world and the problems are all creations of the mind. Is that real?

Wake Up Alex Jones: Russell Means is no Libertarian

1975 Sept Issue American OpinionWhy is Alex Jones promoting Russell Means?  Wake up Mr. Jones. Russell Means is no Libertarian!!!  I assumed Alex Jones was simply unaware of Russell Means’ background. Afterall, Alex is the “leading” voice of opposition to the New World Order right? He is constantly being censored by google and the mainstream media right? He has our best interest at heart and the truth is the most important thing to him. Isn’t this what we are supposed to believe?

So imagine my surprise when I was censored on an Alex Jones Channel. TheInfoWarrior, a you tube account which appears to be a mirror channel of TheAlexJonesChannel blocked me from comments? Why? because I attempted to provide the unadulterated truth about Russell Means. I simply assumed they missed it. I assumed they would want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. My comments were scrubbed and I was blocked from further comments. Please correct me if TheInfoWarrior account is not associated with TheAlexJonesChannel. Either way, what in the world is our “Expert Researcher” doing promoting Russell Means.

Famous Freemasons Exposed

Above is a YouTube video and below a PDF I created about Freemasonic hand-signs. There are many hand shakes/signs/gestures which have been leaked into popular culture by mainstream media masons to the point that people don't believe or understand their origin anymore. For instance the "devil horns" sign which has been used by heavy metal rockers, UT sports fans, and ASL - Long before any of these things existed this hand-sign was a well-known masonic gesture exposed in many places including former mason J.S.M. Ward's book "Signs and Symbols of Freemasonry." For the record, I'm not stating categorically that every politician/celebrity shown is a Freemason, but rather I'm showing how incredibly often these masonic gestures are flashed by people in power.

~Eric Dubay

Famous Freemasons Exposed

Live It!

What do we really know? Over the past few weeks, everything has seemed to change. Granny died, and I miss her like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve fallen back into a state of negativity, but negativity based upon a mindset that has taken over my psyche once before. If one’s perception shapes their reality, then the experiences that shape your perception, essentially create your reality. Because what do we really know? Not much, beyond what we think we know.  

Spirituality has become a risky business these days. Traditional spiritualism will be all but abandoned with the passing of our parent’s generation. Certain elements will survive, as they should. But given the corruption apparent in today’s religious institutions, the fallacy of many central doctrines, and an unnerving promotion of patriarchy, subordination, and docility, I won’t be sad to see these institutions fail. Don’t get me wrong, Jesus was a pretty rad guy. I’d be hard pressed to find an overarching flaw in his teachings. There really isn’t one. The evangelical on TV trying to tell you that Jesus supports the invasion of Iraq, he might be a little misguided and a little self-serving. Can’t trust a dude like that, as people are beginning to realize. 

My Noble Truths


1) The highest knowledge is the recognition that knowledge is limited.

2) The only thing you can change about the world is your attitude towards it.

3) All attempts to change the external world are like shadows playing catch. Look to the source, not to the projection.

4) All external fixes eventually become sources of sorrow.

5) One thing will not change, the truth which can not be said. All things in the material world will pass.

Brilliant Colorings

My Interview With The Man, Brian Haw

While a buddy and myself were traveling across Europe this summer/fall, we came across Brian Haw whilst visiting jolly old' London. He was chillin' across the street from parliament, as he usually is, and I had my camcorder. Here is the result. Sorry about the conversation in the background and the shit video quality. A new friendship was forming behind the camera, so that explains the voices. As for the video, my memory stick was corrupted shortly after the interview. So with some impromptu recovery and editing, this is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy!! Update: Brian was flown out of London on the first of January for cancer treatment. Send some positive energy and prayers to Brian and his family! :)


Et Tu Brute

Conspiracy is a word that has become synonymous with the laughable and its very mention is greeted, in today’s world for the most part and by most people, with derision and loud guffaws. Defined in the dictionary as a “secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act” one wonders why it invites such hilarity. Let us be fair about this, every single day someone somewhere is up to no good with someone else and regardless of whether or not they commit an actual crime as a result of discussing the possibility of breaking the law of the land, they are guilty of the heinous crime of conspiracy and can be banged up indefinitely. The fact is you don’t have to do too much to fall foul of the conspiracy law and it doesn’t take much to actually break it. In fact, during the swinging sixties, there was a famous lawyer who was so successful at getting his clients off drug charges the only way the courts could gain convictions was to invoke the conspiracy law in order to cut him and his dodgy clients off at the pass.

Welcome to Media Control

Hello, this is Eric Dubay from and Eric's Esoterics introducing, a new venture my friends and I have undertaken in the spirit of free speech and independent thought.  Thanks to a generous contribution I was given this domain and would like to make the best use of it possible.  In the interest of giving a louder voice to the masses of independent writers, researchers, musicians, artists, and filmmakers out there, is here to publish and help promote your original articles, artwork, music and videos to a wider internet audience.

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