Being Awareness

There is a little feeling of sadness today, an incorrectness, feeling of change. This is entirely wonderful though as it will pass and it will be replaced by happiness. The happiness though is not the reason for wonder, but the deeper fact, that I am the watcher, the cause and the awareness of these changes.

Have you understood who you are?

It is possible to see that all questions and concerns in the world require you for them to be. If there were not a you then another like you would be here to experience them. With no experiencer then the concern would have no reality. Does it then have reality as there is an experiencer?

Reality is formed by the mind. The mind has the nature to split and form dualities. The questions and the world and the problems are all creations of the mind. Is that real?

The mind, like the world and the issues raised by the mind, can only exist for an awareness. That the mind is always in flux and change solidifies the fact that mind is unreal. Unreal and changing it brings about an unreal and changing world. This world is real in that it is what is but it is not the ultimate, unwavering truth. Awareness is. Awareness, that which you are, are only, and have always been, is the only truth. Awareness is that which sees all else come and go. It watches bodies be born, it watches them go, so too worlds and universes.

That before consignment, that which you are before birth and body identification, comes forth and is a universe. In coming forth it commonly, when making beings, attaches by a little inertia to that being and believes itself to be the being.

Awakened is to not have the being-body as center but to be the universe alone.

Not to reconfigure to have a new imaginary center, the center of the universe with the universe then as some new fabricated pseudo-body, not to be a viewer of the universe, but simply to be the universe, no inertia, no attachment to form.


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