Live It!

What do we really know? Over the past few weeks, everything has seemed to change. Granny died, and I miss her like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve fallen back into a state of negativity, but negativity based upon a mindset that has taken over my psyche once before. If one’s perception shapes their reality, then the experiences that shape your perception, essentially create your reality. Because what do we really know? Not much, beyond what we think we know.  

Spirituality has become a risky business these days. Traditional spiritualism will be all but abandoned with the passing of our parent’s generation. Certain elements will survive, as they should. But given the corruption apparent in today’s religious institutions, the fallacy of many central doctrines, and an unnerving promotion of patriarchy, subordination, and docility, I won’t be sad to see these institutions fail. Don’t get me wrong, Jesus was a pretty rad guy. I’d be hard pressed to find an overarching flaw in his teachings. There really isn’t one. The evangelical on TV trying to tell you that Jesus supports the invasion of Iraq, he might be a little misguided and a little self-serving. Can’t trust a dude like that, as people are beginning to realize. 

Millions are now turning to the internet for answers, and some have found a spiritual answer to everything that is wrong with the world. The concept, not as superficial as it may seem to some, has taken root in humanity’s collective unconscious. We are each a subjective expression of infinite consciousness.  Compassion, empathy, understanding, truth, dissent, common sense: values that I’d have a hard time not promoting.  Perhaps it is the human answer to the corporate takeover of the planet. Or maybe a bunch of bullshit put out there to prep you for that damned new age religion, ushering tyrannical world dictatorship onto the stage. You can conceptualize and over-analyze a situation all you want. Yet, from what I can tell, perception is what either inhibits or stifles discovery of the truth. But what is truth, other than subjective understanding based upon an individuals perception of what is and what isn’t real. 

What a fun, frustrating, fucked up ride this is. Remember, your state of mind is everything. Negativity spreads like a virus, is self perpetuating, and hard as fuck to snap out of. But having experienced the highs and lows, it’s easy to see that focusing on anything other than positive energy is a waste of time. Don’t think I’m saying that diagnosing and fighting the many injustices in our world is pointless or isn’t worthwhile. I’ll extend a big FUCK YOU your way. It’s simply a choice you have to make. Just be happy when you’re happy, sad when you’re sad, and take what you can from the experience. We’re having a human experience for a reason. So live it, bra!


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