Wake Up Alex Jones: Russell Means is no Libertarian

1975 Sept Issue American OpinionWhy is Alex Jones promoting Russell Means?  Wake up Mr. Jones. Russell Means is no Libertarian!!!  I assumed Alex Jones was simply unaware of Russell Means’ background. Afterall, Alex is the “leading” voice of opposition to the New World Order right? He is constantly being censored by google and the mainstream media right? He has our best interest at heart and the truth is the most important thing to him. Isn’t this what we are supposed to believe?

So imagine my surprise when I was censored on an Alex Jones Channel. TheInfoWarrior, a you tube account which appears to be a mirror channel of TheAlexJonesChannel blocked me from comments? Why? because I attempted to provide the unadulterated truth about Russell Means. I simply assumed they missed it. I assumed they would want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. My comments were scrubbed and I was blocked from further comments. Please correct me if TheInfoWarrior account is not associated with TheAlexJonesChannel. Either way, what in the world is our “Expert Researcher” doing promoting Russell Means.

The Russell Means Legacy
In the early 70′s Russell Means was involved with the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.). Here is how one of the Jones promoted videos casts Mr. Means: “Means led the 1972 seizure of the Bureau of Indian Affairs headquarters in Washington, D.C., and in 1973 led a standoff at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, a response to the massacre of at least 150 Lakotah men, women, and children by the U.S. Seventh Cavalry at a camp near Wounded Knee Creek.” Let’s take a look at what really transpired at Wounded Knee in 1973.
Wounded Knee Standoff 1973

(Discussion Points from the article “Renegades” written by Susan L. M. Huck and published in the May 1973 Issue of American Opinion Magazine) Leading up to the standoff at Wounded Knee, A.I.M. received $400,000 in grants from the Federal Office of Economic Opportunity and various churches and the World Council of Churches provided at least $300,000 more in funds. The Mainstream Media that Alex loves to fight was only too willing to come to the aid of Means’ A.I.M. whenever good PR was needed. A.I.M. used classic “Confrontation Politics” as espoused by the late Saul Alinsky and assorted communists to run their government-media sanctioned revolution.

This revolution was an attack upon the Oglala Sioux people. It was an unwelcome occupation and it was supported by the Federal Marshalls who stood in the way of the attempts by the duly elected Tribal Council to cast the invaders out of the reservation. The Federal Authorities refused to evict A.I.M. and prevented their expulsion. The invasion involved larceny, civil disorder, burglary, assault, arson, kidnapping, cattle-rustling, auto theft and insurrection. Means himself has a long string of arrests dating back to 1957.

Leo Wilcox

One of the most outspoken Oglala Sioux against A.I.M. was a man named Leo Wilcox. He was a former judo instructor with the Marines and was unwilling to yield to repeated threats to himself and his family. On Saturday, March Twenty-Fourth he spoke out against A.I.M. on a local radio station and urged his people to “Send Means and his renegades out of Oglala Sioux Territory”. Leo Wilcox died in a car fire along the side of the road at approximately 8:30 PM the following night. The newspaper reported it as an accident even as a criminal investigation was underway.

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