I am abundance beyond measure I have a palace larger than imagination, bejeweled with the entire wealth mind can make, I travel time, I give speed to light, I am.

I am infinite and am the master of form in which I play. Choosing life after life I dance the waves with a dolphin form, I dance the flame in fire, I dance the taste of food on tongues, I dance the spectrum of sound, I dance and dance, the universe is me.

Tied to a form I dance the dance of misery, I let others be to whom I compare myself and my letting them be seems to make my being be because of them. In this way I dance suffering. I dance awakening when I forget form and I burst free of multiplicity back to myself. In this way I dance the dance of samsara nirvana, my favourite dance which paints my spectrum on and on and om.

In hate I dance a form so contorted so tight, I writhe like snakes in a box until contortion leads to death. In love I dance a form so light so free, that all I am is energy, spreading like sunrise over hills of spring.

I dance. I dance as you and when I stop dancing as you I return to me and this is all I have ever done. This moment is where I exist and have done so eternally. When you are forward or back of here you are lost in my dance, when you are here now you are me dancing.

There can not be an enlightened being, being itself is enlightenment. 


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