It is outside of knowing,
and is simply right there;
so obvious it is,
too simple to bear.

Know by not knowing, Wu know,
See by not seeing, Wu see;
Only in admitting knowing is dual,
can you be without trying to be.

It is all that is and is not,
no concept or attempt to be got;
We can only grasp nothing is there,
as a clock can not tick on a tock.

Right there when you are within,
unapparent when you try to hold on;
Do not let another attempt to explain,
their moving lips are admission its gone.

Aspartame Addiction

I was unknowingly addicted to it for 35 years of my life, Diet Pepsi, and Nutra-sweet packets. I used it every single day, all day in my coffee and tea and drank 3 liters of soda. I have numerous health problems/issues and wake up sick every single morning of my life. My joints and bones are hurting, I have eye problems, irregular heartbeat, chronic depression, stomach, bladder, and kidney problems, chronic insomnia, and extreme anxiety, or "mental illness."

"They" put the poisons in our food and drink.
"They" promote the poisons on their own TV stations.
We buy the poisons and become addicted.
We keep on buying and drinking the poisons because we are UNKNOWINGLY addicted.

Then, the symptoms start... depression, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, eye pain, blurred vision, bladder problems, severe cramping, stomach pain/disease, TMJ disfunction, and of course... "mental illness" --- it's what "they" call it.

You Owe a Trillion

The other day I heard someone explain what a Trillion is. What he said was imagine that someone borrowed one hundred dollars ($100.00) and said I will pay you back in 10,000 seconds they would be talking about just less than 3 hours. If they said they would pay you back in a million seconds that would be about 12 days. So we are talking about a short-term loan in both cases.

Now here is where it gets interesting. If they said they would pay you back in one billion seconds that would be about 32 years, about the time you might expect to be required to pay off a home mortgage. However, if they said they would pay you back in one trillion seconds you are going to have to wait around 32,000 years!

So if someone says that you owe them a trillion dollars what they are really telling you is that you and your children and your children’s children are their slaves forever! You see, this is their way of showing us that it’s really not about the money. It is about the power they have over you if you believe you really do owe this debt.

Now the questions we all need to ask ourselves are who are these people that are telling us we owe trillions. Are these people our “friends” that we borrowed money from? But most importantly, do we believe we really owe them?

~Michael Jenkins

There Be Dragons!

How the patriarchy demonized the Dragon:

"Myths are not artistic embellishments, fairy stories men make up to amuse themselves and their fellows; they are the very heart and brain, as it were, of the social organism, necessary for its survival -- as that particular society." The Manufacture of Madness, (p.121)

Remember all the stories and films you've read and seen with the main character, the 'hero', attacking dragons, and killing dragons? Has this propaganda made you view dragons, reptiles, as bad? If so don't be so hasty, for Monica Sjoo liberatingly informs us, in her book, 'The Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon?', the mythological dragons represent from the Goddess earth-centred perspective ~are~ the Goddess and are protecting nature, as well as guardians of Trees of Life which connect life and death!

We have thus been indoctrinated, watching and reading and imbibing about how 'Mr hero/saint/god destroys the Dragon', thereby being conditioned to accept the 'hero's' inheritors legacy of excuses and actions for their continuing to destroy Earth. Of course by 'destroy' I don't mean as in the end of Earth as a planet, but more so the continuance of the attack on the quality of life for all, and the threat to the human species -- following in a long line of other species who have been made extinct which continues.

Don't Hold Your Breath

Since the war on drugs began, back in the Reagan era, the cost of maintaining said war has risen out of all proportion. Billions of dollars have been spent since the seventies resulting in such a pandemic of drug use and abuse, that one would be forgiven for thinking that the “war on drugs” has actually been the very thing that created the problem, given that the long running campaign to rid the world of harmful drugs, has actually resulted in an opposite effect. Its current grip on vast tracts of the global population, along with not so harmful drugs, more specifically marijuana, appears to be keeping pace with the billions to fight it.

The USA says cannabis is a dangerous drug and it’s wide spread use certainly keeps the private prisons that are spreading around the world, nicely stocked with a steady supply of puffers and small time dealers who make up the bulk of prison inmates in American prisons, along with illegal aliens awaiting deportation. With a private prison system looking to increase productivity the millions of drug offenders, in particular the marijuana smokers, who are in general, easy to control, given they are soft criminals, as opposed to the hardened variety, are a godsend to the prison operators, quite literally. It’s easy money, and if you can catch them 3 times, you can lock them up forever at the expense of the American tax payers who will have to support them for many years to come, to the tune of several billions of dollars.

Asbestos Head Chapter 5 - Barbie Doll Blues

Matrioshka Head
-Barbie Doll Blues-

Matrioshka’s a walking contradiction wearing high-heels and low-cut shirts, over-sized bras and mini-skirts.  She has dyed hair, collagen lips, silicon breasts, methacrylate nails, a plastic face, a liposuct stomach and longs for true love.  She reads self-help books written by other people.  Her diary’s a connect-the-dots of days with extravagant descriptions of her mediocre existence.  Her photo albums look like laminated stationary showcasing various backgrounds with her smiling mug in the middle.  When she shows everyone her albums (and she shows everyone her albums) every picture is prefaced, “this is me at (someplace) . . . “

Matrioshka loves possessions more than she loves people so she shrinks everyone into microcosms of themselves and arranges them on shelves.  She has shelves for enemies, acquaintances, boyfriends, girlfriends, a high shelf for her best friends and an empty one for her future husband.  As with all collections, her sole purpose is to horde the most and the best, so her focus is always on what’s next.

When Matrioshka’s not collecting dolls she likes to don her latest designer tackle-box and hit the mall to fish for complements.  She always buys the best bait but hates to get her feet wet so she just waits with her big bobbers and shiny lures until some prickly pickerel puckers-up his best fish face for a slimy kiss.  Once she pulled the pole early to hook a handsome salmon nibbling her worm only to have him eat his fill then sever the line.  Since then she’s taken up fly-fishing and only caught shadows.

The experience leaves her feeling empty and hollow so for structural reinforcement she finds two smaller followers called friends that fit inside her.  Their relationship is selfish and superficial but reciprocal; they rely on her exterior to attract attention and she relies on their interior to fill the hole inside her.  Sometimes they come out to play but usually just stay tucked up, fucked inside agreeing with everything she says because they want to remain friends (and enemies are anyone that disagrees). 

Every morning she awakes to an alarm clock then watches TV until the car radio.  At work she gossips, gabs, and babbles, small talks and chit-chats about shit like this and that until it’s time for the all talk drive at five hour live.  Then back home she divides her attention between the television, computer, and cell phone until it’s time for the alarm clock.  She’s never experienced comfortable silence alone or with another person because she avoids it.  She’s scared of silence because that’s when minds thrive and hers is toxic; Her brain’s a label maker and she uses her tongue to stick them on everyone.  There’s a price tag attached to each relationship and the currency is compliance, hence most people don’t buy into her business.  The few who do, however, love getting together to drink alone and vomit on themselves. 

Since change is costly and adds up quickly, Matrioshka develops an unconscious bias toward whatever she learns first then practices defensive education by dodging opposite viewpoints and countering new facts with old opinions.  She side-steps advice and strikes down constructive criticism with cynicism and sarcasm.  Such insight into abstract epistemology even spurs a revelation in philosophy known as illogical negativism; Matrioshka’s dedicated work in the field remains unparalleled but continues to fall short of the Nobel.  And unfortunately for her emotional well-being there are repercussions to this behavior: She feels fake and lonely, led astray and abandoned like an oxbow lake.  Incessant judgment of every situation keeps her brain in constant rumination.  Every experience is cross-referenced to check for inconsistencies, labeled and captioned for her table of contents, prefaced and appendixed then indexed for easy access.  This process is so complex she’s only half experienced her whole life. 

Asbestos Head is the truest friend she’s ever had.  Today after a moment of mutual passion she says he somehow ruined their friendship through physical contact and she doesn’t know how to think of him Now because she hasn’t a label for that.

Researching and Analyzing the Japan Nuclear Crisis

I have been researching and analyzing the challenge we currently face with the situation in Japan.  Here are some of the things I discovered, questions I sought to answer, and conclusions I have reached.

1) What I have concluded is that individual safety from radioactive fallout is really a matter of chance [in other words, a crapshoot].

2) I don't believe the average person understands the nature of the danger from fallout [hot particles].

3) I don't believe the average person understands how the Japan disaster has and will affect the rest of the world.

4) I don't believe the average person understands the differences in half-life of various isotopes.

5) I don't believe the average person understands the danger to the people in Japan.

Agenda 21: The UN is Not Your Friend

It seems the United Nations has been able to attract members from the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to join its International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability USA is a UN sponsored Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) whose main objective is to entice local governments to implement United Nations strategy, agenda, and initiatives and to create grass-roots pressure upon the County, State and Federal government to adopt these measures.

If your local government is a member of ICLEI, they are partnering directly or indirectly with other local governments the world-over to transform our very way of life into a United Nations vision of “Sustainable” living. Now there’s a lot of propaganda out there that sells these concepts. The eco-freindly terms “sustainability”, “Biodiversity”, “Multi-Stakeholder partnerships”, “Smart growth”, “comprehensive planning”, “growth management”, etc are designed to disarm and mislead local leaders. Chances are your local leaders look at this group as an aid to formulating 21st century local planning. They have no idea how deep they are in it. Unfortunately, the threat is very real. You see the United Nations knows that their Agenda 21 is so radical that they could never implement it from the top down. They have to convince local leaders that they are implementing a policy that is local in scope and benign to its citizens. The thrust of Agenda 21 is to transform traditional individual property rights into collective property rights. Through regulations, Agenda 21 seeks to develop communities that are “sustainable” on their terms. The rights of the individual are of no concern. Agenda 21 is based upon the premise that government planning should replace the western understanding of private stewardship. Carroll County Maryland agrees with this assessment. Read their Press Release here: Fighting 59th Terminates ICLEI Membership

Google Knows

Search a word, google knows.
Search then visit a site, google knows.
Visit a site by address and that site uses google stats, google knows.
Visit a site by address and that site has google Ads, google knows.
Visit a site with no google Ads or stats but go via, or later to, one that does, and google knows of both.

Make one accidental search when signed into google and all of this information is linked to your IP and name. OK you think, I use a fake name on-line, but in no time you supply your real name to a bank or place needing ID, say your ISP. In no time at all your name, IP and history are linked. Go to an internet cafe, leave a short history, log into mail briefly, that history is linked to your profile too. Get a new PC in a new home and in one move your histories link up again.

They profile you. This is a powerful tool for them, they don't much care that you are Bob Smith and search for Zen, the meaning of life and scented shampoo and they don't follow each individual history so paranoia can be put aside there. What they do though is to profile humanity and if they were asked to, they could easily provide that profile to an agency you don't want involved in your life.

Are your heath, wealth, interests, hobbies, address, bank, places you visit (on-line and the ones you use their map tool to find) theirs to use for marketing and more or are they your business alone?

Use Duck Duck Go or a similar private search engine.

Depersonalize your web presence with new ID's. Note though that if you delete your google history, even all of your gmails, they still have them. You're just deleting them from your view and they don't delete anything, ever, it's all too valuable to them.


A Friend is Someone Who

A friend is someone who looks into your eyes and sees the universe there. A friend is someone who listens to what is important to you because it is important to him or her to discover who you are. A friend is someone who doesn’t make you “wrong” even when you make yourself wrong. A friend is someone who is not afraid to always tell you how you occur for them and hear how they occur for you. A friend is someone who will always intend the best for you. A friend is someone who will always share his/her food with you. A friend is someone who will see himself/herself as an extension of you. A friend is someone who respects and encourages your autonomy and sovereignty as a human being. A friend is someone who loves you even when he/she doesn’t love what you do. A friend is someone who will never compromise his/her values nor ask or expect you to do so. A friend is someone who you can always say “no” to without feeling guilty. A friend is someone who sees and accepts you just as you are and as you are not as well as allowing you space to continually become. A friend is someone who will be at his/her best for you when you are at your worst. A friend is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart.

~Michael Jenkins

My Understanding of Reality

This is an attempt to combine Kybolian theology with modern religion. It is in the format of the "Seth Material" but altered to include an understanding that most will harmonize with. Language only, not concept. This is to give a minor understanding of the universe. This is my version based on “my reality” in the larger reality of a collected consciousness. It is not to be considered my truth or belief. It changes constantly as new information is gained daily. I do not assume to be correct so please any objections are asked to be accompanied with alternatives. In addition, the logic and thought process that allowed you to come to that conclusion.

We are all actors in the play of GOD’s mind. In the imagination of the “I am I” or "ALL". We are projected via “light thought forms” of the creator, through a pyramid of light out of the symbolic eye of Horus.

All individuals are distinct personality thought forms created in the mind of GOD or the single entity that is the energy source of the universe. This GOD consciousness creates new forms from it’s thoughts. Like when we daydream, only the energy is Sooooo powerful, the new thought forms take on a distinct personality.

We are all distinct personality thought forms of consciousness which creates form. We are an energy personality that is focused on this physical matter. All information is passed on via color and shapes and is interpreted by the personality. This is the language of the “Gods”. Where concepts are projected via symbols that project the concept into the “mind” of the receiver. We project our thoughts outward in physical form, which ever physicality that may be. How “real” the illusion may appear and the speed of manifestation depends on the level of vibration that our distinct personality is located. At a lower vibration it is harder to create physical matter or change in what we call the material world. Therefore when collectively as a race (or combined effort) we concentrate on a single event or purpose, a change can manifest more rapidly.

Something Smells Vowel

You know your Alphabet, you learned your Vowels: AEIOU and the special Vowel Y used in such places as Rhythm where no conventional Vowel is placed.

A is the cap-stoned pyramid sitting on top of our Alphabet. An Alphabet that prescribes preset words that you are then bound to describe reality within. Your Low Resolution poor description of reality that is only escaped by exploring in wordless states free of the bounds of dualistic limited word maps and traps.

E could be for The one Eye on-top of the Pyramid or a reference to Egypt or just another wonderful demonstration of the proud masons work with lines and angles such as the circle and set square G. Let's take E as Eye of Egypt for today.

So our Vowels read...

A cap-stoned Pyramid of the One Eye E of Egypt IOU

Indeed we Owe them the big IOU, we're all born with debt dating back, and further still, to times where man was placed in debt to an Earth he is spiritually and physically inseparable from.

So then if our vowels do tell us A E IOU then please do not forget to add and ask Y.