Aspartame Addiction

I was unknowingly addicted to it for 35 years of my life, Diet Pepsi, and Nutra-sweet packets. I used it every single day, all day in my coffee and tea and drank 3 liters of soda. I have numerous health problems/issues and wake up sick every single morning of my life. My joints and bones are hurting, I have eye problems, irregular heartbeat, chronic depression, stomach, bladder, and kidney problems, chronic insomnia, and extreme anxiety, or "mental illness."

"They" put the poisons in our food and drink.
"They" promote the poisons on their own TV stations.
We buy the poisons and become addicted.
We keep on buying and drinking the poisons because we are UNKNOWINGLY addicted.

Then, the symptoms start... depression, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, eye pain, blurred vision, bladder problems, severe cramping, stomach pain/disease, TMJ disfunction, and of course... "mental illness" --- it's what "they" call it.

We go to the doctor and get on "their" medications.
We become addicted to "their" meds which they also promote on their TV stations.
These so-called "meds" (which are nothing but MORE toxins and poisons), interact with the MSG, fluoride and aspartame in the sodas food and water.
We become (deathly) ill, and come down with cancer, or severe "mental illness," which leads to MORE drugs, more x-rays, and an early death.

"They" ARE poisoning us! They want all our money before they kill us! Spending it on just trying to stay alive, as "they" own all the cancer (industry) clinics, along with the drug companies. They also pretty much own our doctors as well, telling them to push these "medications."

I learned that Xanax is the most prescribed drug for anxiety. I was addicted to it for 16 years of my 51 years on this planet. I NEVER abused it, only took the prescribed amount.

I watched a professor's 3 hour speech on this drug while I was still taking it. He said it causes major diseases of the brain, along with severe aggression, and causes people to react violently to any given situation. WHICH WOULD EXPLAIN WHY IT IS THE MOST PRESCRIBED DRUG OUT THERE! They want us all killing each other and ourselves. JUST LIKE WE ARE DOING!

I was prescribed Xanax, Paxil,(which was my 7th antidepressant), numerous pain meds, and took iodine daily for over 10 years, which I also learned causes numerous health problems including heart failure. To think that it was the soda addiction that sent me to the doc in the first place, is so unreal to me. Are "they" going to pay me back for all the meds? Are "they" going to pay me back for all the sleepless nights? Are "they" going to pay me back for the TMJ disfunction and my tooth loss? And the thousands of dollars I spent on sodas?

~Anonymous (a recovering soda addict, off sodas, and ALL "medications" for over three years now)

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