My Understanding of Reality

This is an attempt to combine Kybolian theology with modern religion. It is in the format of the "Seth Material" but altered to include an understanding that most will harmonize with. Language only, not concept. This is to give a minor understanding of the universe. This is my version based on “my reality” in the larger reality of a collected consciousness. It is not to be considered my truth or belief. It changes constantly as new information is gained daily. I do not assume to be correct so please any objections are asked to be accompanied with alternatives. In addition, the logic and thought process that allowed you to come to that conclusion.

We are all actors in the play of GOD’s mind. In the imagination of the “I am I” or "ALL". We are projected via “light thought forms” of the creator, through a pyramid of light out of the symbolic eye of Horus.

All individuals are distinct personality thought forms created in the mind of GOD or the single entity that is the energy source of the universe. This GOD consciousness creates new forms from it’s thoughts. Like when we daydream, only the energy is Sooooo powerful, the new thought forms take on a distinct personality.

We are all distinct personality thought forms of consciousness which creates form. We are an energy personality that is focused on this physical matter. All information is passed on via color and shapes and is interpreted by the personality. This is the language of the “Gods”. Where concepts are projected via symbols that project the concept into the “mind” of the receiver. We project our thoughts outward in physical form, which ever physicality that may be. How “real” the illusion may appear and the speed of manifestation depends on the level of vibration that our distinct personality is located. At a lower vibration it is harder to create physical matter or change in what we call the material world. Therefore when collectively as a race (or combined effort) we concentrate on a single event or purpose, a change can manifest more rapidly.

Souls carry knowledge from past lives and subjective dimensions that are ingrained and help shape our personalities. Our “self” or distinct personality is a fragment of the entire identity. There soul, is an extension of the whole GOD or "ALL" personality. This personality of GOD is the archetype. This is why it is referred to as the “I am I”. God is everything and just is.

Since everything is made of this whole/GOD’s energetic imagination and GOD is awareness, then everything in every physical reality has awareness. Every tree, rock, water,……all things in universe have “awareness” since it exists in a universe created by the “I am I awareness”. We only perceive a rock or tree in this physical reality, but it exists as we do on several levels. This is why shamans refer to plants “speaking to them” and telling them what they may be used for in this level of vibration as medicine. This is why crystals can act as amplifiers for our chakras. We are collaborators in universe for awareness and it’s growth. Separation is an illusion of the lower vibrational mind that is cut off while awake in this reality from the higher self and direct soul communication. Personality is a gestalt of ever changing individual perspective. A gestalt is a collection of physical, biological, psychological or symbolic entities that creates a unified concept, configuration or pattern which is greater than the sum of its parts (of a character, personality, or being) .

No objective reality exists except that which is created by a collective consciousness. The “objective” is the common reality that the “individual personalities” share created by consciousness. It is that which can be measured, and is a shared illusion not dependent on the personal “subjective mind” of the individual. We can create any reality we want when not confined to this body we call physical. We can dream anything we can conceive, and in other dimensions these thoughts take on form. They exist because we brought them into creation, like the GOD brought us into creation.

Objects exist as a manifestation of your own personality thought form. They are created by your higher connected “self” or “personality” to teach and guide the lower ego based “self”. We form our own reality with joy, fear, or anger. Each individual reality exists within the single reality of the collected consciousness. Like a wheel within a wheel, and wave within a wave. “Perfect nesting” like the strands of DNA that align according to the outside magnetic forces placed on it. Like the emotion of love that has been measured to coincide with the frequency of the golden mean ratio. The pattern of all growth in this universe ….1,2,3,5,8,13.…. the Fibonacci sequence. This is the real Alchemy that is studied by the occultists and the ancient Hermetic teachings in Egypt. All of creation has harmony and order.

We form our physical bodies with our inner conception of who we are. It is always being created and destroyed. No life or awareness stays still. Change is the way of the universe. Evolution. A constant energy in motion that must evolve to exist.

We exist within other dimensions of reality, but do not see them because we are too focused on this vibration. We only see them when free from this vibration. This is done when we sleep, or slip into the stream of consciousness when in a deep focused meditative state. In fact, it would appear we are more “awake” actually when we sleep. We communicate with our soul and higher consciousness about what we learned, what we still need to learn, and manage our other personality thought forms on other planes or dimensions of reality. Our “distinct personality thought form” can exist on several levels of reality at once. This is because time and space do not exist as we think of as "linear” time and distance. Therefore, we live all of our reincarnated lives at once. Time is an illusion, so when one thinks they died an old man or woman, then they did in their own reality, in order to give a sequence to it that the confused ego based mind can understand.

We can also exist in different bodies during the same lifespan. This would be a split of our “personality thought forms” to create a “soul group”. Each personality now takes on it’s own “distinct” personality thought form because of the individual experiences, but will communicate with the “whole” thought form personality while in the sleep state. This is how some siblings and friends have a psychic connection. In the sleep state all experiences are downloaded and shared to further the evolution of the soul group, each personality thought form, and GOD.

Evolution of our distinct personality is dependent on creative change. Change is forced to exist in this vibration where balance is not allowed, thus forcing chaos. This is to force our distinct personalities to focus on the only thing it is able to “balance“. It is the one thing the personality has control over totally. Itself. The constant “change” creates an environment that allows the thought form to see that balance can only exists within itself or us as individuals. Thus forcing the evolution of the soul by eliminating habits or programming that imbalance us from within. Consciousness can not undo itself, and thus will always exist. Therefore it must find a way to grow and improve itself, otherwise it would theoretically destroy itself. Since it cannot un “be”, destruction is an impossibility, and consciousness instead removes programs or actions that do not contribute to growth from itself. This is being separated from the “light of GOD.”

This brings us to good and evil. Some state the higher consciousness will not see events as good or evil per se. Say a personality thought form does something like….murder. Now IF THE PERSONALITY THOUGHT FORM LEARNS that this act is destructive and counter productive to the collective consciousness, then how could the murder be bad? The act allowed the soul to evolve and eliminate a destructive quality. The act of murder which is considered “evil” helped the personality realize the act was destructive, thus it was “productive” to the evolution of that soul.

Here is the rub…… The entire purpose is to eliminate qualities that will be destructive to the collective system. Therefore the act is used as a teaching method. Love can be measured objectively by using an EEG. The frequency it resides in is the creative mathematics that exist in the universe. Anger creates chaotic frequencies. When the timing of cell division is off due to incoherent magnetism of the cell, cancer is prevalent. This has been proven by Dan Winter. This destruction not only occurs on this plane of reality, but all others we are in. This is why the biblical apocalypse is also being played out spiritually in our mind as well. The battle for Good or Evil. Now since some state that good or bad do not exist because of the above explanation, they are better suited to say constructive or destructive which do exist and are objective. Good or Evil is subjective to the “experiencer.” I choose to state “good or evil “ when describing acts because most humans have a limited understanding of the nature of reality. Therefore Good and Evil does exist as a metaphor for constructive and destructive elements to the greater consciousness which seek to eliminate “destructive personalities or actions” from itself. How the soul evolves is independent, and based on what it needs to create to learn to be productive. This is done within the confines of rules set in place at each level or dimension of reality.

Now we create it, write it, and star in the story. This does not mean it is any less “real.” As I am typing, I feel "real", and therefore my consciousness accepts this vibration as solid. Not all dimensions may appear as solid or “real” as this one. When a consciousness passes from one dimension to another during death, it may not know it right away. It will seem as solid as this one. However we are trapped to this planet due to the gravitational pull and centrifugal forces placed on this planet by our sun and planetary bodies. It will not allow our consciousness to go any further in other realms of reality created by different thought forms or GOD. This is why the vibration of the planet is changing. We are entering a new magnetic zone in the universe and the magnetics of the earth are changing accordingly. Energies from space will allow our consciousness "time zone" (metaphor since time is not real) to finally be released from this region. Or more accurately, allow our consciousness to travel freely in the different spectrums of light that make up the greater universal mind. Our sun as a consciousness is going through it’s collective consciousness learning phase and this is why it is in a cycle of violent eruptions.

As new energies reach our system, we as an “evolved” personality thought form will be allowed to co create with other thought forms that have already gone through this process. They would be considered the teachers, or light bearers of old. They are the Jesus, Buddha, and Yogi’s of ancient scriptures that come to help the evolution of the prepared souls or “distinct personality thought forms. “

As we balance our self from within, the “Christ” frequency that lies in all of us, is activated and acts as the redeemer for all of your thought forms. The “Christ” is a wave buried within us like the nesting of long waves in DNA. When the “Crown Chakra” is activated it allows learning to occur within all of your independent thought forms. This is why others we love seem to open up and change when we reside in love and stop forcing the expected change we want to see in others. It cannot be forced, but guided with love and compassion. When we reside in this, we will see drastic changes in others that we never thought possible.

The “Christ figure” or identity that is expected to return in the Christian Bible and Yugas, is the original source of the wave collected as a consciousness from all thought forms. It is a redemptive wave inside the I am I or “ALL” that is distributed to all of its thought forms created, or souls (us). We will all be our own “saviors or Christ” for our thought forms when we reside in peace and activate the “crown” chakra. This acts as a beacon to higher evolutions that allows our consciousness to escape this region of lower vibrational resonance. This is why Jewish scholars and Christians are at odds. Everyone expects the Messiah to be a savior. The real message was the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. We must save ourselves before a “collection” is made. No one could "save you", since that would violate the concept of free will, which leads to a true understanding of destructive and constructive actions. Good or Evil. It will be a collection of consciousness, not a saving.

There is a structure to the universe. It is misunderstood due to our limited ability of understanding, and inability to properly decode colors and symbols. The metaphoric descriptions in the Bible and other religious texts try their best to describe the process of growth and evolution of souls. Although the concept is perfect, the mind cannot decode the written descriptions adequately. We think in our solid version of reality, not understanding this is the bottom of the ladder. The universe’s creative plan cannot be properly described in terms described in the lowest level of knowledge. It is like asking a kindergarten student to describe physics. It cannot be done.

So with this all I know is I know nothing. I will not understand the true nature of reality until I am allowed outside of this vibrational prison. Time for ice cream…..

~Irish Indian


  1. Interesting to read. This is a while mix of ideas.

    I'd like to stir your mix with some new things for you to consider.

    If God is infinite, are you not then God?
    If time is illusion made only by the mind then can you be born and die? Is time a stream in which you popped up and shall die into or did you make time?
    If all in the world is dual, requiring knower and know, then isn't bondage to the world also pure illusion based in someones refusal to truly accept themselves or the material world as conceptual?

    Interested how these ideas stir your interesting journey.

  2. We are all actors in the play of GOD’s mind. In the imagination of the “I am I” or "ALL". We are projected via “light thought forms” of the creator, through a pyramid of light out of the symbolic eye of Horus.

    Irishindian, worshipping a beam of light is a litle lame for reality, don't you agree? Furthermore, why would you worship a god, or gods who are nothing more than light?

    As for "I am I" it sounds very much like: "I May(tricks) Eye." The pyramid of light refers and suggests the 120 degree angles of the COLOR WHEEL...between red, blue, and yellow which creates a black HEXagon. A WHITE HEXAGON is produced when you combine red, blue, and green.

    Furthermore, humanity is just a beam of light, a THOUGHT, what validity does a THOUGHT have? Thoughts sort of make sense, hence why you can wrong, or right. It depends.

    As for the Eye of Horus, it is the I Hours...the Hours of Death, because Horus comes from the Dead Underworld of his father...Osiris. Another fabricated Christian is all about Sun-God worship, which is ultimately death worship.

    Sun god worship is nothing compared to WISDOM and the ETERNAL PRESENT MOMENT, which is not synonymous with God, or Saints, or Morals, or Good/Bad...moral sense is eternal lunacy.