Something Smells Vowel

You know your Alphabet, you learned your Vowels: AEIOU and the special Vowel Y used in such places as Rhythm where no conventional Vowel is placed.

A is the cap-stoned pyramid sitting on top of our Alphabet. An Alphabet that prescribes preset words that you are then bound to describe reality within. Your Low Resolution poor description of reality that is only escaped by exploring in wordless states free of the bounds of dualistic limited word maps and traps.

E could be for The one Eye on-top of the Pyramid or a reference to Egypt or just another wonderful demonstration of the proud masons work with lines and angles such as the circle and set square G. Let's take E as Eye of Egypt for today.

So our Vowels read...

A cap-stoned Pyramid of the One Eye E of Egypt IOU

Indeed we Owe them the big IOU, we're all born with debt dating back, and further still, to times where man was placed in debt to an Earth he is spiritually and physically inseparable from.

So then if our vowels do tell us A E IOU then please do not forget to add and ask Y.


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