You Owe a Trillion

The other day I heard someone explain what a Trillion is. What he said was imagine that someone borrowed one hundred dollars ($100.00) and said I will pay you back in 10,000 seconds they would be talking about just less than 3 hours. If they said they would pay you back in a million seconds that would be about 12 days. So we are talking about a short-term loan in both cases.

Now here is where it gets interesting. If they said they would pay you back in one billion seconds that would be about 32 years, about the time you might expect to be required to pay off a home mortgage. However, if they said they would pay you back in one trillion seconds you are going to have to wait around 32,000 years!

So if someone says that you owe them a trillion dollars what they are really telling you is that you and your children and your children’s children are their slaves forever! You see, this is their way of showing us that it’s really not about the money. It is about the power they have over you if you believe you really do owe this debt.

Now the questions we all need to ask ourselves are who are these people that are telling us we owe trillions. Are these people our “friends” that we borrowed money from? But most importantly, do we believe we really owe them?

~Michael Jenkins


  1. what a great way to think about it
    thanks eric for always bringing great information right to me every day.

    peace and best of luck thru these rough times.

  2. hey eric i got a question, do you ever try and enlighten someone a little when youre talking to them? just try to give them something positive for their day and they totally reject it? the ignorance of light and peace is amazing all i find is apathy and people are completely open to saying this. that they just dont care. i guess my question is how do you make people care?

    im asking you this because i know you made me care about a lot of things i never thought i would even be involved with. youre websites are an awesome place for me when i need info on some event (because i just love your take on things) or when i need some uplifting. you are a great journalist you connect things amazingly and help me undestand so much. i am not so good with words, and always try to give off strength and good information. thank you for teaching me so much.

    ps, i hope these illuminati threats are not whole hearted and you are safe and sound. i couldnt believe them to hurt such a peaceful guy tho i know their ways. there is so much i would love to talk to you about and i hope to meet you someday. peace and safety for you man

  3. Hey Bridget, thanks for the great comment. I'm always trying to enlighten people in conversation and my best method is to find something we agree upon, then to expand their understanding by asking them good, pointed questions and sharing facts they might not know. The best way to cure other's apathy and ignorance is by curing our own apathy and ignorance, getting involved and educated and leading by example. You said that I "made you care about a lot of things you thought you would even be involved with," and that's exactly how your example affects and will continue to affect others. Keep planting seeds when you can... people are slowly stirring in their sheeple sleep and looking for answers. Thanks for your concern about the threats. I hope they are idle as well, but if they do do anything to me, it just proves everything I've written. Peace