The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat. Teach him how to use the Internet, and you won’t see him for weeks.

One monk was cast out of the monastery for sitting in his room one-hand-clapping. He complained bitterly as he had been under strict instructions to find the sound of this act and had mistaken it for a method of Tantra to aid him in some spiritual high, the sound of one hand clapping he had found to be pleasurable.

The source of inspiration now for seekers of the non-dual, the Buddha Mind, The Way, is the Internet, there are more sources available now than ever, from published books made into e-books to the ramblings of realized sages sitting in their home studies. Also we find much crap, more than ever, from people tied to fixed principals and lost battling questions which arose from misinterpreting some ancient text or another.

You’re listening to the sound of one hand typing. What is the sound of mind loving?



  1. Masticate, Meditate and Masturbate said the yogi to the bare.. monk.

    One will bring you great happiness, one will bring you a great penis and one will bring you grate cheeses.

  2. LOL. Now I know what you were doing while one-hand typing, ya zen perv.