Beyond Imagination

Turn away
from the world
& have a look.

You can't make a word
out of one letter.

What is coming
is beyond man's

When you are looking
for something
you need a world
to look for it in.

Staying open to the unknown
in life
is the formula
for living life to
its fullest.

Once you fill up
all your time,
you're out of it.

In my life,
anything that
isn't positive
has to go.


Bad feelings
are not pleasant
things to
carry around.

Forgive them
for they
know not
what they do.

You don't have
to do what
I've done
in life.
I've already
done it.

If you have
a sweet tooth,
you're welcome
to eat the
of my labor.

Why people can't fly
is because they are
attached to the Earth.


my life
until the

No thought
No shape
No form
shapeless &

I live it.

Stop seeing yourself
as the performer of actions
& you will find out that
coming and going is Godly.

The road to freedom
lies beyond labels.

When you've convinced yourself
that there is no where to go,
then you'll always be home.


Whether you're stuck
with no money
or stuck with
all the money
in the world;
stuck is stuck.

Once mankind ceases
to care about
his own kind,
he can no longer

You don't look for,
You look at.

Any fool can sabotage
A wise man destroys.
That is the challenge!

Whatever you
can't control
is good for you.
Enjoy it.

When you
don't want
where is the
need for time?

It is not acceptable
to fool my self.
A true clown
has stopped
fooling himself.
A true asset to society;
He is That.

How can the gross
experience the subtle?

When one doesn't
have a label
they have to
sit there
with nothing.

No 5 senses,
No world.
& that's it
in a nutshell.

God is not fussy,
He resides in everyone,
even atheists.

Don't get excited
over delusions.

My armor is
that I speak the truth.

To recognize the truth,
you've got to have at least
a little bit of it in you.

No one can claim
to be a Christian
and go to war & kill!

The duty of every Christian
is to see God in each other.
War is the absolute refusal
to perform ones' duty.

It promises everything
and gives nothing.
It gives life
and takes it.

There can not
be a God
without a man.

No joy
No results.

Always speak the Truth.
It dis-empowers ignorance.

It is the duty of everyone
to manifest God Consciousness.

A man has only two hands.
When both of his hands are full
& he is offered a gift,
in order to take the gift
he has to put something down.

When thinking stops,
Love begins.

If you want to stay young,
stay in touch with your love.

You can't use love
against another.
You can only use their fear
to control them.

Just as a rotten apple,
in a barrel,
will contaminate all the others,
so will one out-dated,
rotten idea do the same.

Don't let anyone
steal your heart or
they will control your mind.

Looking for happiness in others is like
expecting a barren women to give birth.

There is an abundance of happiness
in each and every one of us.
Prove me wrong. Stop creating misery!
Creating misery & then complaining you're not happy is a fools' game!

is the
great revealer.

The only way to transmute a society
is for everyone to experience the same thing
at the same time. It has to effect everyone.

You only need
one for a party!

Love does
not control.
Fear does.

Good habits keep
the bad habits out.

One can have power in the world
when they have power over their mind.


Joy is joy.
It doesn't
belong to anyone.
It's just there.

A prisoner
of ignorance.

People who have
ideas about God
are separate from God.
Their ideas separate them.

If you're together
you'll make it.
If you're not,
you won't.

Creative intelligence
comes from the
center of the heart.

Knowledge exists
in the Heavens.
It is ones' duty
to pull it down
for the betterment &
upliftment of man.

~Guru Om


  1. I like him, and he has cool ear rings too ^_^

  2. His poetry is excellent. His poetry and mine are different, yet similar in some themes.