The Origins of Goddess Britannia in Celtic Europe

Celtic Goddess Britainia - Not Roman
Before I start my analysis and final conclusion, there are a few questions everyone should ask themselves about this Goddess of Britain.  How much do you know about her?  How much of it is the truth and is the rest deception?  What are her true origins?  Is she really a Roman Goddess?  Why does she have a trident and a lion when “Roman” Christianity demonizes the trident with the devil?

It is a proven and known fact that Britain used to be a “Pagan Celtic” country before the advent of Christianity and the people of Britain were assimilated into Christianity through various traditional “assimilation” techniques used by the Christian missionaries around the world.  And we all know the level of atrocities such missionaries' missions involve.

As the official story goes, the name of Britannia comes from “Latin” and comes from Greek language Prettanike or Brettaniai.  If we trace these two names – Prettanike or Brettaniai – they have no image of their own and lead back to the image of Britannia. Hence, there is no way to trace the real roots of the claim that she used to be a Roman or a Greek Goddess whatsoever.

Celtic Britannia Statue - Not Christian
The big question that comes to mind is why are all traces of her gone from existence in Europe?  If she was a “Roman” Goddess that would mean that there should be an image of her in Roman Catholic Christianity, but there is no such Goddess in Christianity. Why would they even claim that there used to be such a Goddess when she holds a trident, when the trident is supposed to be a weapon of the Devil ?

The Answer is simple, this is another massive manipulation played by a manufactured non-nature worship religion known as Christianity to warp the good people that used to exist in Britain who used to be known to the world as Celtic people who are classified as “Pagan” by Missionary Abrahamic Religions.

Pagan Celtic England Warrior Goddess Britannia
There is another big question, why does she have a lion besides her when there are NO LIONS in Europe whatsoever!?  The warped history books would say that they went extinct, however there is no physical evidence that they existed to begin with.

If she was in fact a Pagan Celtic Goddess, then why was she kept around?  The people who invaded Britain and took over the country forcefully needed to use the ancient symbols of Britain to further their demonic agenda of world domination.  By co-opting this symbol, they used it to create massive confusion in the people of the world so that they would fear the once great symbol that brought them hope and peace.

Bharat Mata - Indian Mother Goddess
This specific group that took over Britain and used the British royalty as their puppets, did not originate from this country. They originated from Jerusalem, and had a very specific agenda which was to take over the world and Britain was just a tool to make that happen.  Why were the Celtic pagans of Britain converted into Christianity and used for their agenda? Because when the people revolted against them, it would be the British who would take the fall and the true conspirators would hide behind their corpses.

Mother Goddess Durga
Lets get back to the wonderful mysterious Goddess who has been wronged by the demonic creatures who have made her an evil object for the world.  There is only one other country in the world which has the same image for its country, and it is the one and only India / Bharat / Aryavrata!  She is the great mother Goddess of Hindu/ Sanatan Dharma who has protected the country for millions of years.  Yes, I said millions, because the demonic Abrahmic Religions have destroyed the original history and we the people of Sanatan Dharma have been here for extremely long time.  I will show the original time line of India and the universe in my coming posts.

Goddess Durga Personified in Every Woman
Back to topic, who is this great mother Goddess of India?  Her name is Durga, who is one of the 108 names of Goddess Shakti, wife of God Shiva!  The third eye and the moon can be clearly seen on this beautiful Goddess. These Demons will soon know that they never should have messed with the powerful mother Goddess of the universe. These Demons underestimated her power and the power of her children. The Demons have awoken the great Goddess, and she is coming for their demise. They will soon know her amazing strength!




  1. The video would have been nice too :)

    The dance shows the same hand signs of Sanatan Dharma that now the freemasons use, also how the mother Goddess Durga destroy the one who challenges her and causes havoc in the world.

  2. Its best to remove the last line or add the picture and the Video, because the significance of the last line disappears if the image and the video isnt in the mix.

    I prefer to add maximum visuals to deliver the final message. Every image i add has necessary information in it which connects the next paragraph.

  3. Hey Druv, I added the video, sorry, your posts are great with all the visuals but it takes so long over my connection to post so I've just chosen the essential pictures. I hope you don't mind. I'll try to choose articles without so many images in the future. Peace.

  4. Sorry i didn't know, thanks for your help.

    I would like to add that "Rome" was the center of the "Celtic Civilization" which was taken over from within by the people of the "old testament".

    If you corrupt the core, its easy to spread out into the world. ( that was the trick they used )

    There are many other manipulated images and information about the Celtic Civilization that i will show soon.

    The "Celts" did not disappear - they were merely "Converted", they are still here and they need to realize the truth for themselves.

    I can only hope they understand the manipulation they have been through.

  5. Romans weren't Celtic, they were Jewish. Britain was a Jewish colony and all profits were manipulated into the Jewish world bank about, oh, 4000 years ago.

  6. By the time of Queen Victoria, Britannia had been renewed. .but now she held Poseidon's three-pronged trident and often sat or stood before the ocean and tall-masted ships representing British naval power. She also usually held or stood beside a Greek hoplite shield, which sported the British Union Flag: also at her feet was often the British Lion, an animal found on the arms of England, Scotland and the Prince of Wales.

    King Neptune is shown symbolically passing his trident to Britannia in the 1847 fresco "Neptune Resigning to Britannia the Empire of the Sea" by William Dyce, a painting Victoria commissioned for her Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.

  7. Curb your stupidity, Jews came to Europe to take over Europe.

    Jews originated from Jerusalem, hence their skin should be dark and not white. They were allowed to mix with Celtic civilization because the Celts were Good people unlike the cut throat Ashkenazi Jews.

    Ashkenazi Jews only how how to destroy and feed off destruction, they are not creators but the dark destroyers.

    They took over Rome first by taking over its Royalty and Head priests.

    They warped the Celtic civilization from its core which was Rome - they destroyed their history and created Christianity over Celtic Civilization.

    The red cross of Britannia was used by the Knights of templar, which was the only reason she was allowed to exist.

    There are many artifacts that prove that it was a Celtic Civilization and not Jewish.

    I am sorry, i will not allow your idiotic Jewish propaganda to take over.

    The innocents will be returned to their previous state, and the corruptors of the world will be unmasked.

  8. Your half baked ideas mean nothing, Goddess Luna still exists in Rome who is a Moon Goddess who has been suppressed by the Jewish created "Christianity" over the Celtic Civilization.

    I have proved it in many of my posts that Rome has Celtic origins and not Jewish.

    Half baked incomplete information thwarted!