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This is a continuation of my first post “Manipulation of History” which began as my own personal journey to find the truth that has been buried deep within the pile of lies and deception that prevails in the world. As a writer I prefer to write the truth, and when you only find lies and deception all around, a writer can't help but find the truth to show the people of the world.

In my own personal search for truth, I came across a post made by Eric Dubay about Manipulation of History which made my journey a lot more interesting. Though I would say my approach is not the correct one generally, as I am a very impatient person when I get excited about a topic and I can definitely get on people’s nerves which is generally to test people for understanding their level of tolerance along with their true agenda.

Converts Life Force into Power of Knowledge
One of the points that I had made on that post was about his name which particularly struck me and stayed within the confines of my mind. His name kept nagging me for a long time, and it made me keep coming back to his blogs over and over. I am a very highly opinionated kind of person because I generally reach to a conclusion after looking at all the evidence to prove a point.

I became aware of things I was never aware about in the world through his blogs, and I was able to learn about things that many of us Indians would not know about. It is a general habit of any person to remain within the personal circles of comfort which helps them feel safe about themselves, even though it may not be the safest way to live. After many of our conversations, we came back to the origins of his name which had bothered me for a very long time. Hence, I began searching for the original roots of his family line which led me to a great discovery which can not only help his family realize the truth about their origins but the world as well.

The western countries are not the only people who have been wronged by the same powers that have controlled the eastern civilizations under a dark veil of religion, shadow governments, historical manipulation, mind manipulation and financial manipulation. They have been subjected to the same atrocities that we have been through and the proof I am about to provide are the much awaited answers to the problems that both of our people need.

On his post he had made a comment after I asked him about his family name which kept buzzing in my mind for a very long time:
Wow, thanks for sharing all of that. What are your predictions for 2012 and after? As far as I know my ancestors were French who came to Canada then down to Maine and changed the name “Dube” to “Dubay” to sound more American. I never knew there were many Indian Dubay’s as well. Peace
The First Website i came across was the House of Names, which showed the different name variations of his family which led me to an amazing yet shocking discovery: French Dubay Spelling variations: Dube, Dubet, Dubais, Dubaie, Duber, Dubey, Dubay, Dubbe, Dubbet, Dubbais, Dubber, Dubbey, Dubbay, and many more.

These are the two of his name spelling variations that struck me hard because the Indian Brahmins of India have similar name variations, so I started searching the Indian name variations to find out if there was any commonality or not. To my delight, I was able to find the best source to make the commonality extremely clear between his world and the people of India. I am going to use “Big Brother Propaganda machine” against the manipulators of history, who have played this dirty game for a very long time.
Wikipedia link : Dube Brahmins
The Dube (or Dubey are synonyms of Dwevedi/Dwivedi of the Sanatan dharma. They are the one with knowledge of God[Dev means God & VEDI means knowledge]. The majority of Dubey’s are from the region around Ayodhya in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. They however can be found all over India due to being an upwardly mobile community. The surname, Dube is also found in the countries of Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname. The author of the Ramacharitamanas , Goswami Tulsidas was also a Dubey. Another way to spell it is “Dubey”. Dubey’s are called “Dave” in Gujarat. In Trinidad, they are called “Doobe
This piece of information fills up the great missing divide between the French Civilization and the ancient Vedic Civilization which seems to have a much deeper connection. The conclusion is that there is no such thing as “Race,” and skin color or any other physical difference has no real meaning when the connection between the people of the world is much deeper than our bodies.

The “Dubey Family line” of India are devotees of Sri Rama, the Avatar of God who was born in Ayodhya because the Dubay family line originated from this state. Hence, they are proud to have descended from the land where the Great Avatar of God was born.

The most Legendary “Dubey” of India was Tulsi-Das Dubey, who was a writer devoted to the Avatar of God “Sri Rama” who is considered to be the perfect man. He was a perfect king, a perfect son, good father, a protector of the innocent, a defender of dharma, and a great husband.

The great Warrior King, the avatar of God “Sri Rama” was part of the most ancient family line of the planet, “the Solar Family line” and hence he had a symbol of the sun on his forehead which represented his family line. They were an unparalleled line of people who held the highest moral code of Sanatan Dharma.  They were vegetarians, the strongest of all and the most heroic.

Even though Sri Rama was the “Avatar of God," even he was not free from the harsh nature of this world.  He had to face great difficulties in his life and even lost his wife in the end after fighting hard for her freedom. Tulsi Das Dubey was not happy about the pain “Sri Rama” suffered from the loss of his wife, so he did not write about the painful past in his “Rama Charit manas” which describes the character of the Avatar of God Vishnu “Sri Rama”.
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