The Worst Lie You Were Ever Told

The worst lie you were ever told was your name. Likely that lie was told to you by the people who loved you most and at a time when you were previously egoless.

A name is a mind tool for separating nothing into something and something else.

A personal name is a method for no one to define a false separation between nothing and someone.

A law is a facility that enables a person to incriminate someone who doesn't exist for doing something they could never have done.

A bank defines a system by which things that never existed can be given value.

A shop brings about desire and places in people the ability for them to become a thief.

Should you believe that you have X amount of money and can buy set things, be held responsible for taking a thing without payment, and punished by a power then you have no idea who you are.

As nothing is.

Just because someone says that something is the case does not mean it is the case. To remove reason and rejoin to your original self is to see that you need nothing as you are everything. You're not doing anything nor are you being done.


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