Danger: Rand Paul to Push for Constitutional Convention

Has the sellout of the Republican Majority begun?

I wonder why so many well-meaning citizens of this land have allowed themselves to be convinced that a new Constitution would be any more adhered to than the current. I have read the many objections to the current system which they wish to redress and I concur with most of the arguments. I do not, however, subscribe to the idea that the current Constitution is flawed. Without exception, all the reasons for redress are a direct result of not adhering to the current Constitutional limits in place. So we are not faced with a problem related to system or form, but rather a problem of enforcement of governmental limits already in place.

Americans often look for the easy solution. There is a passion to address all our problems with one magic solution. Unfortunately, our current state is 225+ years in the making. The solution to our problems lies in enforcing the edicts of the Constitution. That is the great task before us. No Article V convention can instill in our leaders the requisite sense of duty, the much-needed moral fiber, nor the principled tenacity in the face of opposition media that would be required to obtain this happy state. Education of the people on many levels must be our foundation. Organization of those so educated must be our arsenal. Truth must be our weapon. Only then, can a political solution be realized. If we accomplish this task, the arguments for an Article V convention would all but fade away. If additional tweaks to the system seem warranted at that point, the standard amendment process is sufficient to deliver those ends.

If we attempt an Article V convention without the above hard work in-place we risk the entire system. The process will surely be hi-jacked and the media will surely convince good Americans to abandon the freedoms which they now enjoy. It has been argued that this vision of danger surrounding an Article V convention are over-stated and unfounded.

Let me ask you a simple question. If the Federal Government refuses to obey the Constitution how will an amendment change that? Experience tells us that a Convention cannot be limited. When you call a convention, you empower the delegates to act in place of the legislature. You can place all the limits you want on the process, but in the end, the delegates wield the power of the people. It is the same raw power used to replace the Articles of Confederation. Nothing stands in the way. The ratification procedure holds no protection because the delegates can change the ratification process, just as they did during the first convention in 1787.

Americans, hear me! This is not a left vs. right issue ! This is the most profound issue we face. Self government under the protection of the Constitution is at stake! We all must oppose this process. Say NO to a CON-CON!

Reference: http://www.jbs.org/action/downloads/freedom-campaign-downloads/148-no-con-con-documentation-packet/download

~Federal Expression

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