A Rockefeller and a Hard Place

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, as the environmentalist movement, driven by self-serving people like David Rockefeller, Sir Maurice (Green Finger) Strong and the inventor of the Internet, Al Gore, (that’s what he claims?) would indicate. These seemingly well-intentioned saviors of Mother Earth or Gaia as they and the ancients call her, who form the vanguard of the so-called environmentalists, are presently galloping forward on their big white chargers and gas guzzling private jets and limousines to bravely save the planet from over heating and maybe make a shekel or two along the way. As Al Gore never tires of telling us, saving the planet is hard on the pocket and even billionaires have to make a living.

As time goes on, it becomes increasingly apparent that our well-intentioned crusaders are doing nothing more than fear-mongering, given there is a growing belief among the better informed that there is no such thing as Global warming! Armies of scientists are up in arms threatening to sue Gore and his cronies for crimes against humanity and one can see why. For reasons the warmers can’t explain the planet is not cooperating with their greenhouse theories and is getting considerably cooler, not hotter, and more and more people along with the scientists, including journalists and politicians, are speaking out about this heavily manipulated Global warming farce. The fact is climate has always changed; which, as I understand it, has something to do with the weather.

When Al Gore, in all his Vice Presidential wisdom, began his campaign to save the earth with his academy award-winning film 'An Inconvenient Truth', he strongly suggested we either reduce our C02 emissions or we are all going down the tubes together. On the surface a sensible suggestion and like most people in the world, despite my natural suspicion of the man, he is after all a politician, it seemed he’d actually hit on something that might have merit. He did appear to know his stuff with charts and diagrams and scientific data from prominent and respected scientists from all over the world. I remember thinking, “My god, a politician with a sense of responsibility, will wonders ever cease. Unfortunately, wonders did begin to cease and the flaws in his explanation for Global warming began to seep through the logic barriers. At the height of his popularity, following the release of his award winning movie, it was learned that his large house used more electricity in one month than the average American family used in one year. Not the kind of man, one would be forgiven for thinking, particularly concerned with CO2 pollution and saving the planet. His own conspicuous consumption was hardly the mark of a man on a mission to save the planet by asking the rest of us to cut back on waste and energy use. His own carbon foot print was huge by normal standards and grossly hypocritical. However, that wasn’t what really got me concerned, it was his suggestion, made in public, that it would be a good idea if we all got our carbon footprints down to zero. Zero. “You cannot be serious”, I could hear John McEnroe scream. That absurd statement began my personal alarm bells ringing and a great deal of other far more knowledgeable people than me to boot. It was the kind of suggestion that indicated how ill-informed this man really is. At Primary school, we learn that the deal we have with Mother Nature is we trade CO2 with the plants and oceans, for oxygen. A pretty good arrangement and has worked well for billions of years. In fact, each and every one of us pumps out 2 tons of the stuff each and every year, and the forests and oceans suck it all up. Without CO2 all vegetation on the land and in the oceans will die, but big Al wants us to cut it out, in other words, stop breathing. Not sound advice if you ask me. It demonstrated a fundamental lack of basic schoolboy knowledge hardly expected from a man that ran for President of the United States of America. It occurred to me that maybe we were lucky, as terrible as it was, that Bush rigged the ballot and nudged Al out of the job.

We have, according to Mr. Gore and his fellow warmers, a dangerous level of CO2 in our atmosphere, 380 parts per million at last count. However, when one examines the real truth we find, according to real scientists, that our atmosphere can take up to 50,000 parts per million (i.e. another 49,620 parts per million) before it represents any kind of hazard and we all driven to run around with our hands in the air screaming "we're all gonna die ". In other words, we are a long, way off any kind of danger from CO2 emissions. A cursory examination of Mr. Gore's Global warming warnings will show they are inherently flawed and do not add up to an ‘Inconvenient truth’ but more a ‘Convenient lie’, but then again I didn't invent the Internet.

Another fact that appears to have escaped critical attention and is the lynch pin of Gore’s lie, is his unholy preoccupation, along with many of the other movers and shakers of the green movement, in trying to convince us that a mandatory Carbon Tax will solve the problem we are all facing and that trading carbon credits and futures will help Mother Nature big time. How that’s supposed to help is still unexplained in terms of how we cut back on actual pollution. In fact, it is a plan that will have the reverse effect given that each ton of CO2 taxed is money in the bank and if we stop producing Co2, as Big Al suggested, which of course, we can’t, we’re back to that breathing thing again, and then there will be no tax to collect. But they are secure in the knowledge, having convinced the whole world that CO2 is bad for the planet and as such, subject to taxation, there will be an endless supply of CO2, forever and ever, unless of course we stop breathing, They are set to harness the biggest cash cow ever imagined, a cow that will never die, a cow that just keeps on giving.

Gore's carbon tax business partner Henry Paulson (the 74th U.S. Treasury Secretary former Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs), and the 'big Kahuna' of environmentalism, Sir Maurice Strong have masterminded the con of cons and if the masses continue to believe the lies they are peddling then we are all going the way of the Dodo. Or, put another way, in deep Do Do.

Maurice Strong came up with the idea of green movement back in the 60's under the auspices of the "Club of Rome", along with a few other like minded billionaires or what we pundits now refer to as the New World Order (NWO). Strong who used his money, power and position at the UN to manipulate all the environmentalist movements into existence, fell from his perch following the "food for oil" scandal a few years back that forced him, under threat of prosecution, to hide out in China? It was all about chump change and very petty for a man with his resources. He accepted a cheque for one million dollars, made out to him which he endorsed over to a third party. The cheque came from an undesirable party who was identified as Korean-born Tongsun Park, who was subsequently charged with influence-peddling for Saddam Hussein. He allegedly carried $1 million US in cash out of Iraq in July 1997. He then, according to the report, took the cash to a Jordanian bank in a plastic bag where he deposited it. Park then wrote out a cheque for $988,885 made out to "Mr. M. Strong" supposedly as payment for a stake in Cordex Petroleum Inc., a company controlled by the Strong family. Strong when questioned, of course denied all knowledge of the cheque, as crooks do, until the investigators having acquired said cheque, showed it to him with his endorsement signature plainly on the back. Like most wealthy people Strong no doubt sees himself above the law and acts accordingly and as Bernie Madoff and Conrad Black have since found out, “it ain’t necessarily so”.

There is documented evidence indicating the original intention of the “Club of Rome” was to squeeze the masses until there was nothing left to squeeze, using peace, love, drugs and not war. To accomplish this backroom billionaire's club mandate they would appeal to our affection for the planet and identify this ambitious 'we are here to save you from yourselves' agenda as the green movement. Green, what a nice word and one that fits the elitist pathology and desire of this clandestine group of billionaires to avoid if possible the messy, god awful, full-blown world wars of the 20th Century. Certainly Maurice Strong or, Green Finger, is for all the world the very epitome of a Bond baddie character and have it on good authority that Mike Myers in the movie Gold Member modeled his Dr Evil character on him.

Apparently Sir Mo, adopting his favourite pose, and his fellow Club of Rome elitist group took the view that if they could convince the world that we are our own worst enemy, using man made pollution as the bad guy, then with their cunning, stealth and wealth they could influence and subjugate the management of world politics, on the pathologically derived pretext that it's all meant for our own good. Who could argue with all things green, who could object to pulling in our collective horns to save the planet? The perfect ploy you might say, with little, or no, resistance. It’s all good.

In England in the 19th century, the politicians came up with a window tax. The more windows you had the more tax you paid. House and building owners got round it by bricking up their windows, evidence of which can still be seen in the great houses of London. The tax was referred to as "Day light robbery". If you didn’t before, now you know where that expression comes from.

You have to hand it to the ‘Club of Rome’ members for coming up with a tax notion to top window tax. It takes my breath away, quite literally. To tax the very air we breathe is an equally insane and felonious tax, but unlike window tax, it provides a circuitous way to subjugate and control the entire population of the world through perpetual debt.

If that wasn’t enough, those same Club of Rome guys are advocates of Eugenics, as was Hitler, and take the collective view that we, by we they mean they, would be better off if there were less than half a billion people on the planet and that the dead weight, as they see it, should be cut out. In that process, for appearances sake, they will have to maintain regional, terrorist related wars, as we witness daily the people dying in living color on our telly’s, if for no other reason than to ensure they have a global police force in place and ready to handle, when the time comes, those of us that might throw up the odd objection to being asked to vacate the planet, unless of course you have a few million in the jug and then, so I’m told, you’ll be fine.

Given that I’d be among the almost 6 billion ‘too many’ and would be for the chop, my view is somewhat in favour of another solution, you know, like spreading out a bit. There is plenty of space on this planet of ours but for some unknown reason we all like to bunch up. Ted Turner of CNN fame and a fervent Club of Rome initiate thinks half a billion is still too much and is looking to halve that figure. He needs his space. That may be fine for Ted but what about me, sorry, us? What about our children and indeed his children? The increasing evidence supporting the game plan of the Club of Rome has reached a point whereby they don’t even hide their true intentions any longer and talk openly as to how things will be much better when most of us are gone. I don’t think they’ve thought this through.

It was calculated that the six million supposedly gassed and cremated in the concentration camps of WW2, given the available facilities and time and motion studies done to elicit a figure of how long it would take to process six million bodies, arrived at a time frame that would have had them disposing of the last body in 1975. Six billion will take a thousand times longer. They really haven’t thought it through. My only hope is that they don’t do it alphabetically or I could change my name to Zane Zardof and be long dead before they get round to killing me.

Introducing a carbon tax for the world is the first rung on the ladder of a New World government managed by carbon tax experts like Mr. Gore and his Wall Street cronies, who are far from concerned with industry ravaging the planet and more concerned with how quickly they can become as rich as Croesus and have zero concerns over the real manmade pollution problems that must be addressed and resolved for the sake of our children and the world they are to inherit.

Yes, we have pollution problems, serious manmade pollution problems, but it's not CO2. The real problems involve nuclear waste and toxic land fills leeching poisons into the earth and water tables, along with inefficient industrial practices that governments, all governments, are dragging their feet in correcting. Obama, despite the electoral rhetoric, hasn't managed to deliver word one on the sweeping changes he promised on his way to the oval office. His immediate catering to the Federal Reserve/Wall Street manipulators and his increasingly compromised election promises over the past year must be cause for concern.

Rather than the sweeping change Obama promised, it's glaringly obvious that in the banking, corporate, political back rooms where the power brokers gather, it's business as usual. And therefore the levels of serious pollution we are facing, as opposed to the façade of imaginary Global warming which we are not facing, will continue to rise, given that CO2 emissions has now become a valuable commodity they will not part with their golden goose easily so we are in for a real struggle for survival with our arch enemy, pure greed. Gore has been found wanting in the truth department as has Strong and Paulson and all the other money mad men of Wall Street and like all inveterate liars they eventually fall, in utter confusion, over the lies they tell.

Sir Walter Scot covered it when he wrote. “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”.

Sam Clemens wrote, "There are lies, damn lies, and Statistics" The thing about lies is they always lead us inexorably to the truth, and the truth is always stranger than fiction. Many blatant lies have already been exposed ala the email debacle along with the leaked Danish documents that arrived just in time for the Copenhagen get together to indicate the true intentions of the supposed western governmental environmentalists, in actively sidelining third world countries and looking to gain total control of the carbon derivative market.

The power brokers work on the principle that by the time the lie is spotted or proven, it will be too late to do anything about it and will be relegated to histories “too late to put right file”. The incoming politicians will cry foul, rant and rave about how unfair it all is, and promise that this kind of thing cannot be allowed to happen and will not happen again, and then as we know all to well, it happens again.

“The Club of Rome” gang, Sir Maurice Strong-81yrs, David Rockefeller-94yrs, Ted Turner-72 yrs, and a host of other rich old men with nothing better to do will soon be dead, but they are determined to hang in there until they have ensured that their maniacal dream of a one world government and a greatly reduced world population is realized. On the other hand, Al Gore and David Blood (his partner in Generational Investment Management LLP), or “Blood and Gore” as they are collectively referred too, along with Henry Paulson and many other ex-Goldman Sachs executives, are relatively young and able to carry on the deceivingly greedy mandate of these aging power brokers and the myriad of startup companies they have specifically designed to profit from carbon futures, and in doing so squeeze the last cent from the beleaguered tax payers of the world already bending under the strain of ever increasing debt. All I can say is "don't let the bastards get their way".

~Sean Casey

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