The Path to Atlantis

Most people do not want to believe there is a world outside of our range of perception that was described by the prophets, and ancient mystics of the world. They refuse to believe in the descriptions given by John in Revelations concerning the apocalypse. However, by ignoring it in no way makes this truth any less factual. All of this chaos today is also symbolic of that which is taking place in every soul on this planet and beyond. The description does not correctly describe the magnitude of the situation. As Manley Hall said, “you cannot make a physical literalism out of a spiritual fact“.

Today, and for all of our reincarnated lives we are seeking to overcome our Adamic spiritual limitations. There is only one path to this victory of the soul and humanity. We must see there is a pattern that is eternal, unchanging, and key to our evolutionary process as a species and as a child of the one creator. This pattern is a group of rules that must be adhered to in order to progress and return to the source of creation, our Heavenly Father. You must accept the rules as an inevitability and embrace them, thus defeating them. You can only progress further in the evolution of man by realizing that if you accept these rules you will become a part of the system that has existed for all time, and will continue for eternity. This is the eternal plan of the Heavenly Father.

First we must purify. “The highest aspect of physical life is the purification of the soul.” Purification is removing everything from our “physical” life that is in contention to the light of God. This means to out grow those defects that keep us in a lower vibrational state of fear, anger, and any manner of selfish evil desires. All things must become clean to return to the Father. Otherwise we would infect the “eternal system” and cause it to decay. We must be honest and upright and in all manner of dealings with each other. This is the first step and no one can pass to the Kingdom of God without first doing this. There are no short cuts or detours. These are the rules of the system that must be followed to progress. We must bring our “material physical life” into order, before we can think of life after death.

We must recognize our faults, and recognize why we act the way we do, when it is in contrary to the greater good and the Heavenly Father’s plan. We must look inward to what makes us angry, impatient, jealous, and all of the negative emotional aspects of a flawed human being. We have to “relearn” our true nature, and use emotion to improve our self, not let emotion control us. We can start with any one fault and try to analyze it, and then form a plan to shed it from our ego based reality. When we first recognize there is a need to change, then our efforts will not be in vein. Then we are truly ready to grow from within.

There is no cure except to change. We must change our perspective since it is impossible to change anyone else besides our selves. We are the ones that must change to create a better world. Trying to help anyone when we are lost ourselves will always lead to disaster. There is no way to progress in this life along the road to enlightenment except correcting the fault. We must correct it because we WANT TO GROW as a person should. In addition, all of our earthly manifestations must be in order. Marriage, job, friends, family, and our vices must be addressed and straightened out before we can move along this path. This process must continue until the person can honestly say to themselves they no longer have ill will towards their brethren and judge no person based on their own preconceived notions of right or wrong. It is only God’s judgment that counts since God is pure love. Then the person becomes enlightened.

Next is education of our mind. We must learn self exploration first. If we start children to explore their own thoughts and feelings at the earliest age, then the previous will be ingrained in them. When a child is taught that science and spirituality are the same, and that the universe operates on a set of rules that must be followed to progress, then the conflict we see today will be a distant memory. When a child is taught self exploration of emotion first, then they become tempered and see things as are with no personal emotional attachments. At that time there is nothing they cannot accomplish. Education must lead to spiritualism not materialism. This will cause us to become productive citizens of a universal world within the Father’s plan.

Finally this brings us to service. Bringing light to others without regard for our own desires and self interest, for the greater good of humanity. This is self sacrifice, the highest form of love. This is when a single person gives their life to the rest of the world. They share their Integrity, courage, honor, and loyalty with their brethren ,in hopes to elevate others to a higher spiritual plane. By leading by example, we can show others that there is good and decency in the world. We demonstrate that with great sacrificial work, there are greater rewards from the Heavenly Father, than could ever be measured by earthly means. One must sacrifice themselves for the common good. To maintain their integrity and righteousness, even during the greatest adversity set forth by those that wish to destroy the Father‘s universal plan.

All of these steps combined, create the future leaders of the spiritual realm. We are the leaders of our brethren that will never abuse that power. We would always do what is best for the common good with no self interest attached. No great leader could be an atheist. If there was no concept in their mind of a higher power, then soon their mind would turn to use their power of leadership to serve their own interest. They must blend the power of their intellect with the greater spiritual wisdom within them. This is accomplished when our ego is released, pride is destroyed, and the longing of a greater spiritual love is achieved. Therefore, as a leader we will have the highest virtues and we will have a deep religious faith in God, Christ, and humanity. We will have a deep understanding that the inherent good nature of man can be brought forth with love, compassion, and generosity. Never with fear or violence. This would make it impossible for us as leaders to enter into a war or conflict with our neighbors. We must strive to be above any action not moral, sacrificial, and honorable. We must not view our position as an opportunity to achieve things that would benefit us, but would view our task with great respect, and the privilege of service. To be humbled by our duty and wish for only the greater good to be achieved. This is the hope and promise of a Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

In closing we are all expected to be on this path. Violence will never solve any issue. Only love. If they come to take my life, then so be it. They will only be sending me back to my Father, and doing me a favor. I know however, that my work is not done, so I walk with faith. No fear, no regrets.

Peace and love to all of you.

~Irish Indian

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  1. Wow, that was powerful, and beautifully eloquent.