Wood Creations by Joney

These boxes are made from old Texas fence posts, very old wood. A long time ago, people used to cut down small oak and cedar trees to mark their land, and put up fencing. People are now pulling them up, and putting in new fences. They usually pile the old posts up and burn all that beautiful wood!!!! I make my boxes one at a time...very time consuming. My husband does all the hauling and cutting for me. I do all the finishing sanding by hand, and apply 2 coats of wood sealer, followed by 7 coats of tung oil, which will protect the wood indefinitely, to be enjoyed by many many many generations. They make good family heirlooms!! I sign and date all my boxes under the lid:  joneyjackson@austin.rr.com

~Joney Jackson

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  1. Good stuff work. Everyone know this is not simple. I am also feel that, this is a difficult work. I appreciate you. Thanks for sharing.