Intention Manifesto

Almost a year ago I was meeting someone for the first time who has now become a close friend. The day before our meeting I sat down and wrote the notes below for our meeting. I see now that our meeting was just the beginning of what has attracted a stream of remarkable people into my life. I see now that the list was channeled to me and it has become a powerful list of "Intentions" that has altered the course of my life. I have now adopted the points on this list into my life as my "Manifesto".

*I am open to connecting with people who operate from the consciousness level that we are all extensions of each other.

*Your success is my success.

*Money is a vehicle not the objective.

*I have eliminated or am in the process of eliminating all the impediments that have been operating in my life that prevent me from being committed to what I know I must fulfill during this lifetime.

*I am creating the kind of freedom that allows me to pursue my objectives.

*I am available to inspire and support other conscious individuals who are dedicated to supporting other conscious individuals.

*The “Story” of me that I choose to “make up” is infinitely more exciting than the banality of the existence which people normally accept as everyday reality.

*There are no excuses for not being who I truly am.

*I would like to enter into a co-creative process with others for the purpose of raising planetary consciousness.

*My intent is to do what I love to do with people that I love and who love me.

*Feeling love is always a choice I can make.

*I know that as human beings, we show kindness to others by our willingness to listen to others and truly be in their world even if only temporarily.

~Michael Jenkins

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