What the London Riots Can Teach Us

The reference to throwing stones at the bad man, you being a whore and a slave and the lemons used by rioters to counteract tear-gas, this song, decorated as a lovely flowery, alternative pop-tune is a subtle awakening to the power of mass revolt.

Whether the recent UK riots were the work of a bunch of idiots, a secret service lead plot to encourage higher police powers or whatever mixture you may like, we did see the power of the masses at work. Big Brother may seem powerful but there are only a few of them, and they don't like the idea of the masses waking at once to face them.

I do not see violence as a solution to anything but refer you to an ant. An ant can't push down a large tree, but he can with a team remove its foundations and witness it tumble. As you can't force out a government by replacing it, force then is useless, we can though on mass, remove the foundations on which it stands. We could for example, on mass, over the Internet, organize yearly days where we choose not to work, we choose not to pay tax. We could on mass stand against unfair laws, standing peacefully against bullshit statute "laws" and make a difference.



  1. What frightens me is that big brother doesn't give a shit that the masses are waking up. They own and control all of the worlds resources and the " money" system...so, those few who wake up and see clearly what their game is, and create websites and blogs to warn people is just another amusement for them. Can we really stop them? It's like a bunch of people, maybe thousands trying to stop a train on its tracks... the train will always win

  2. I wouldn't be so sure "that big brother doesn't give a shit." Look at Brzenski's recent speech about "the political awakening." And if they don't give a shit, why are they trying to co-opt/threaten me? Why are they placing all their controlled opposition leaders in the "truth movement?" I'd say it's because they know the people's power to derail that train by taking out just a single section of track. We're having tremendous effect, and yes we can really stop them.

  3. Even if you stop the elite Eric, what will happen to the masses who will obviously cry out for a leader? Because, as you and I both know - most people are not, "enlightened" enough to observe, accept, and live with the, "truth" of some, "Conspiracy" theoriets.

    To make matters worse - what if the global power elites is not the real power in this world??? What then?

  4. You're putting too much faith in the "elite" and not enough faith in the "unenlightened" masses. As Robert Anton Wilson said (something to the effect of...) "I don't call them the elite, I think that's a losers script. I call me and my group of friends the elite, that's a winners script."

    If you yourself are truly enlightened, then why does it matter that most others are not?

  5. So, if you and your friend are the, "elite" then that would ultimately mean that your elite clique cabal would take over the world, "to free it?"

    Am I right?

  6. Nope, my friends and I are in the process of freeing the world by standing in our honor, leading by example, sharing our experiences and blogging about it :D I have no desire for control or world domination. RAW and my point about the "elite" label is that you're giving "them" far too much responsibility for what goes on in your world. History is an ongoing process, and "what if's" all have the same answer if we sit around asking "what if" instead of doing/creating something towards our desired results. Am I right?

  7. It's like Guru Om just said in his latest post:

    The question is not what are they going to do,

    The question is what are we going to do?

    'What next?' keeps the

    ignorance going.

    'What now? stops it.

  8. Be careful - the road to hell is paved with good intentions. By the time the, "revolution" is over - I can guarantee that a small clique within your, "rebellion" that claims to be, "fighting for freedom" will set up a new pecking order, a new hierarchy, and all that honor, example, and dignity stuff will go out the window as if they never existed in the first place. How can you be so sure none of your other, "friends" have ulterior motives? Isn't a global revolution a perfect step towards a new global world order?

  9. And I must add:

    Whatever you create will eventually take on a life of its own, and you will lose control over it. If you don't ask these crucial questions now, by the time you want to ask them, you may never have the chance because everyone else is too busy being euphoric and shocked by the, "revolution."

  10. Ok, I'll just sit around watching TV and asking "what if" questions then. Thanks for relieving me of responsibility. I'm gonna sit on the sidelines and watch history pass me by like you.

  11. Ok, I'll just sit around watching TV and asking "what if" questions then. Thanks for relieving me of responsibility. I'm gonna sit on the sidelines and watch history pass me by like you.

    We'll see about that.