The Terminal Stages of the US Dollar

This week I'm celebrating the anniversary of the greatest heist in recorded history; exactly 40 years ago yesterday, President Nixon severed the dollar’s ties to gold forever.  It was a government game so the politicians could easily pay off their debts with “cheaper dollars” for the foreseeable future.  In reality, this one decision effectively stole all our dollars’ value for decades to come. And you and I are the ones still paying for this mistake. Not the rich, us the ordinary middle class people.  Strangely this decision created the $4 trillion Forex market and eventually sent gold above $1,800 an ounce this past week.  Gold was $35 and ounce when Nixon made this decision.

You and I - (We) are now in the terminal stages of the worlds most gigantic pyramid scheme of all time: The US Dollar. It is set to vaporize the assets of the average citizen and level the life style of North Americians to a level of lifestyle more similar to the rest of the world (think Asia, South America and Europe).  So now is thew time to protect what's left of your nest-egg, before the dollar collapses fully, rendering your dollar-denominated assets almost worthless.
There is nothing politicians can do to repeal this, nothing because of the rotten fundamentals of the U.S. dollar. The Federal Reserve is now buying a whopping 70% of U.S. government debt. This is the most inflationary thing a country can do!  But the U.S. feels forced to fill the void left by waning foreign purchases of U.S. debt.
The hard reality is the US dollar national currency – which has shed fully a third of its value relative to weakening foreign currencies – is streaking at supersonic speed for a precipitous and historic crash. Anyone holding US dollars (or dollar-denominated assets) is sitting on a ticking time bomb with the Zero Hour fast approaching.
Given the massive currency inflation generated in just two years by a (deliberately) manipulated  Mr. Free Mason Obama / Goldman Sachs administration and the Federal Reserve (the Illuminati / Bilderberg / House of Windsor / Rothschild / Free Mason / Goldman Sacks secret guild) – with far more expected in the coming months – we've no time to lose before the current trickle turns into a torrent – a worldwide rush out of the dollar.
The post war baby boom generation (us) have been the luckiest generation to ever live. They have not had to go to war, no mass global pandemics, no depression. They have enjoyed the best health care, the most advanced technology and the highest quality of life in history UP until now. At this point a monetary crisis is on the tipping point of spinning wildly out of control, leading directly to a massive INFLATION and, a sudden and catastrophic collapse of the US dollar that will change the US and the world forever.
1. The push for meaningful budget cuts in the new Congress has totaly fizzled. There was hope but it has totaly fizzled.
2. China and four other leading high-growth economies, the so-called BRICS economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), have taken landmark steps toward lowering the importance of the dollar in international financial transactions by moving towards a multicurrency reserve and trading system. Soon to be replaced with the IMF's new Amero currency - the plan of the Illuminati.
3. It's highly likely that Japan, one of the largest holders of U.S. Treasuries ($885.9 billion worth) will sell some to fund the rebuilding of its disaster-ravaged economy, they have little choice.

4. The single biggest indicator China, the biggest owner/buyer of U.S. Treasury securities, has stoped buying  AND is selling its holdings for a fourth straight month in a row.
5. The UTIMCO endowment, which oversees funds held by The University of Texas System and Texas A&M University, exchanged fiat and gold paper investments and took delivery of 6,643 physical gold bars valued at nearly $1 billion. Dallas hedge-fund manager J. Kyle Bass, who helped advise UTIMCO says, "Central banks are printing more money than they ever have, so what's the value of money in terms of purchases of goods and services. I look at gold as just another currency that they can't print any more of."  Banks are reluctantly acknowledging that gold is emerging as a solid alternative to the dollar. In early 2011, J.P. Morgan bank quietly announced it would accept gold as collateral for loans.
6. In another hint of dollar collapse, ICE Futures Europe (Intercontinental Exchanges, Inc.) began last November to accept gold bullion as initial margin for crude oil and natural gas futures (a big step given that global energy prices have been almost exclusively denominated by dollars for the past 30 years).

7. The Wall Street Journal recently noted another sign that the greenback is rapidly losing its credibility: stock exchanges in Chicago, New York, and Europe have started accepting gold for some trades.
8. Central banks worldwide have become net buyers of gold starting in 2009, after more than two decades as net sellers.
My conclusion: The world is figuring out that the only way Washington can keep its Ponzi finances going is to run the monetary printing presses non-stop. and the largest holder of treasury's has already indicated that if the US starts the presses for a QE3 they will not sit idly by and watch their large holdings of US dollars dwindle away.  That is the reason China has started a major reduction in USD holdings over the last 4 months. As mentioned, the dollar has already surrendered fully a third of its value relative to other weakening world currencies in less than a decade.
This and other facts lead inescapably to the conclusion that Western economies and markets will shrivel relative to those of ascendant countries in Asia, Brazil and Russia. In order to fight back and retain global control the Illuminati is systematicly destroying the Euro and the US dollar. Why?  They need a GDP bigger than the US to ward off China and the BRIC's combined GDP. To do this a new currency including the EEC - Euro and the US dollar. Canada and Mexico may also become part of this new Amero currency.
A massive, catastrophic dumping of the devaluing U.S. dollar looms large in the future hanging over our heads. The upshot is this – millions of Americans will be waiting for the new Congress to "fix" things, a fix which simply cannot and will not happen. So I call that within 24 months or less, you and I will see this unfold and a new world currency, supported by a combined Europe/US market GDP. I am calling the new currency the Amero for now.
Let''s see what unfolds.
Till later,
keep smilin. and buy the shinny stuff.

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