Letting Go

Hanging on is a painful process.
Letting go alleviates suffering.

All conversations
are with the Self.
Imaging otherwise
is delusion.

Everyone lives
in a world
of their
own making.

Victims are controlled
by their creations.

Go back to your first memory & then take one more step backwards and you will know what you are & where you come from. That's if you're interested. If not, dream on.

A projector projects
lights onto a screen.
When the light is intense
it burns out the screen.

to project
pictures on;
That is I.

Pure Light.

There are
no movies
without me.

The Light
Of My Life.


Nothing is
more attractive
than light.
Ask a moth.

Trust in yourself.
All else will
let you down,

All one has to do
is be interested.
One doesn't have
to do anything.
Interest is enough.
Interest will
do the doing.

All the rot & corruption that is coming out,
one has to ask, "Where is it coming from?"

The question is not what are they going to do,
The question is what are we going to do?

'What next?' keeps the
ignorance going.
'What now? stops it.

~Guru Om

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