The Times

We are at a time of great change within our consciousness. People are beginning to see the illusion for what it is, which is control. Many of you are beginning to finally shed the ego which controls you, and live in your heart center. When you begin to live within the heart, the communication of 'divine thought-forms' will become easier and easier. Fear is the companion of the ego. When we live in the heart, and WE ARE controlling the ego, our possibilities become limitless.

There will be many changes in the next few months. Those who are heart centered will have the ability to go within and ask for guidance. You will be able to discern what is Love and what is Deception. You will be able to see cleansing, where others see disaster. Being within your heart center is what is needed the most at this time. It will allow you to see things as they are, not what you are told by another. Your heart center is your connection with the divine, and therefore will never lead you astray.

How do we get there? First we must accept we are far greater than we were told. You are an infinite amount of energy with limitless possibilities. It is up to you to fine-tune your personal awareness in the universe. You are the writer, the actor, and the producer of your life. Nothing would have been brought upon you in this life without your divine permission. It is never a 'curse' when things go wrong. God gives us what we need, not what we desire. The two (needs and desires) are almost never compatible while living in the ego. You are a divine being with a divine purpose.... Accept it.

Second we must recognize the VAST ORDER that is evident in the universe. Everything is in motion and serves a higher purpose. Planets, suns, solar systems, atoms, YOU! Look at the example of DNA. If you took out the DNA in all cells of your body and aligned them, they would wrap around the earth 4-5 million times. That is extreme order to create you!!!! That is purpose. Just because we cannot see it from where we observe reality, does not mean there is no order. Everything has order, everything has purpose. You have purpose.

Understanding there is purpose and you are divine, we start to see we are awake at this time for a reason. Others are following very soon. People do not understand it, but they 'feel' something will change very soon. If they are heart centered it will allow this time to be joyous, not fearful. How do we get to the heart center? FAITH. FAITH IN GOD. That 'faith' that there is absolute order in universe and you are a part of that order. That FAITH allows for your channels of Love 'within you' to be opened. This is your cell phone to God. Anything we need to know will be answered when the time is correct. If you question anything, do the following.....

Meditate on the issue. Understand you are a divine creation within the eternal plan. Release all fear since you know it is an illusion, and thus the ego will run from the Light of your heart. Ask your self and God what is the truth. If you are ever answered with fear, this is still your ego. Your answers will come when we go within our heart center. There is nothing to fear since you are 'everything' that can happen to you. You helped write this play to further the advancement of your soul/consciousness. This is your creation, make it a redemptive one!!!!

Next we must see that life really is a big virtual reality game with people, places, movies, and music all giving us signs. Everything!!! No exceptions!!! Leading us toward an 'awakening' point in our lives. Messages trying to arouse us from a self-induced slumber of ignorance. Look for your signs. This is one.

Many signs have been altered by those that wish to keep you trapped. Almost all media is designed for this purpose. This is why they market fear in everything. To keep you trapped in the ego. However when you are in your heart center, you will see the deception without trying. The unconditional 'Faith' in Love and God will keep your channels open with the higher vibrations. You will be a lighthouse of truth within an ocean of lies. You alone will calm the tides of negative emotion by shining the light of truth on all of your loved ones when the time is just right.

Be patient. The time is almost here. We are about to see an acceleration of consciousness on this planet, and all celestial bodies. The view of reality we hold today will be altered by the time December arrives. The next few months will bring about a new understanding for many concerning our solar system, religions, and history. The awakening is now.

Go within your heart during meditation. We will one day learn to fly, but we must start every morning on our knees. Meekness and humility are the trails one must take to find the temple within. We are about to graduate, and your entire spiritual families are awaiting you with great anticipation and LOVE... Never let fear, anger, death, destruction enter your minds. These are the negative thought-forms of old that has led to where we are today. There is nothing to fear. You create it, so how can you fear what your heart knows you need to grow?

We are loved beyond all human measurement and this has been 'awaited' by all of creation with great Love and anticipation. There is nothing to fear and search your heart for the truth, not what I state, or any other person. You hold your own truth in your heart center. Activate it and all will be clear that was once clouded judgment. We are the ones that must let go of our anger and need to be seen in a light above another. Just accept people for who they are. After all, they are perfect. They are perfect for you as well, because they are where you need them to be in universe at this time to help you.

How can we let go of those that have wronged us? How can we learn to submit to 'another' in hopes of releasing any karmic anchors attached with that lesson or person? No matter how mad you may be if there is Love, then there is a way. Think of a troubled loved one in your family, and see them as about to die and shed their old selves. In your mind they have finally come to terms with what they did, but now they will die and you can never say what needed to be said. Go into your heart and Love that person. If you were to never see them again, what would you honestly say from your heart. Really think about this in meditation. Is it forgiveness?

This is the Divine language of GOD within you. That is the unconditional LOVE experienced without the ego. This is how we must learn to let go and just LOVE one another. We will never solve anything in fear and disagreement. Let's come together in cooperation across the globe, so when the time comes, we are ready to help our communities.

~Irish Indian


  1. "Divine thought forms?" Isn't the Thought Forms the cause of the coming crisis anyway? Without the thought process - the Thought Process, there would not have been the endless destruction, greed, murder, and genocide upon humanity within the last 1000 years of Christianity (that is just for Christians)...

    I recommend getting rid of the thought process altogether - and all these appeals to god is quite fruitless. In the coming days, weeks, and months, it shall be proven that God is as sachomachistic as any rapist and mass murderer one can imagine...or not imagine.


  2. wonderful post!

    thanks so much for sharing this :)

    PEACE AND LOVE to all