Global Warning

My research into weather and climate has gone really deep and the fact that the media is persisting in reporting the problems with Co2 and warming could prove to be a huge problem in more ways than one. When one studies the history of climate change and compares it to current research using empirical information one can clearly see the error, or more the point, the con, of the IPCC and the obvious collusion of governments and politicians in supporting totally unreliable science to the point of suicide. It is a complex subject and needs to be simplified for a general audience. It's all about the 'Maunder Minimum' of the 17th and 18th centuries which was he coldest period of our history and included many great changes and shifting of power bases which can all be attributed to climate.

We had the great plague which one can directly attribute to the weather given that the extreme cold caused everybody throughout Europe to huddle inside of their dwellings, with their animals, for weeks on end. Not the most hygienic environment and Malaria was epidemic. The extreme weather causing late frosts and premature winters prevented the farmers from planting or harvesting their crops resulting in starvation with livestock and people simply freezing to death. When we talk about the Black Death or Bubonic plague it was only an aspect of the period and many other causes were attributable to the vast death rate in that time.

The fact that the 'Maunder Minimum' is not included in the calculations of the climatologists working for the IPCC or indeed any of the other historically based information regarding extreme changes in weather over the past few millennium, does give rise to a nagging suspicion as to why it has been omitted and the clear effect of sunspot frequency, although well documented, has also been omitted leading one to the conclusion that a conspiracy is taking place.

Sun spots, or more specifically the lack of them, indicate the onset of a new 'Maunder Minimum' that was responsible for 60 years of the coldest weather Europe, and many other parts of the world had ever suffered in recorded history. Ironically the reign of Louis the X1V of France, the Sun King, 1643-1715 coincided with that freezing period almost exactly. !645-1715. He ended his reign with a bankrupt France. It was a period when little or no sunspots were reported. We are in a similar situation and the extreme weather we are experiencing now is not going to go away. It will get worse and crops will fail. If we continue to prepare with Ambre Solaire and sombrero's, working on the assumption that it's going to get warmer then we are in deep shit. There is not one grain of truth to the Al Gore contention but still the media are promoting it.

One would think that the current weather across the northern hemisphere would be suitably contradictory and a clue as to what is really happening with the weather but no! The media is still locked in to pressuring the general population to prepare for Saharan sun and desertification on the grand scale. They are still selling rising seas and drowning coastal dwellings despite the complete lack of evidence to support such a notion, other than Al Gores say so. They also talk about the warming causing an advance of the mosquito and the attendant malaria. As I have just explained malaria was a bitch in the snow so the sun is hardly a factor. In the 60's DDT did a sterling job of eradicating and preventing malaria, until it was banned by the forerunners of the IPCC on the grounds that it was a dangerous poison. A complete and utter lie. It was only dangerous for Mosquito's..

The dangers of DDT was the first of many cons and lies about a relatively benign substance, as far has humans and livestock were concerned, it just killed off Mosquito larvae. Since it's ban millions of people in Africa and other third world countries have died for the want of a few pennies worth of DDT. Good for the Eugenicists from the Rockefeller and Strong Camp, those nice people from the Club of Rome, and of course Malthus the man from the age of enlightenment, an economist and demographer whose idea it was to withdraw anything that could possibly save lives deemed by him to be economically nonviable.

I suggest you start preparing for the coming cold spell, get some DDT, insulate your homes, stock up on tinned food, extra fuel, warm clothes and blankets and, if you have the space, invest in a green house because you're going to need it.

~Sean Casey

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