Atlantis Conspiracy - Manipulation of History

My journey has been a long one, and I am finally putting down all the information I have collected in the last few months since my “Reawakening.” I will make this story a bit precise and I will begin the story that started this year in my life.

My educational specialization is MBA in (Marketing and Sales) and since I graduated I was not happy with the jobs I got in the related field. I started to wonder if I was really meant for this line, as I am more of a recluse and don’t really like dealing with people much. Such a conflicting personality trait made me realize I was not really meant for this line of work.

A friend of mine had been working as a writer who gave me the idea to start working as a writer. I joined an IT company which basically dealt with Language translation, Web design, Search Engine Optimization, Travel and Tourism. They had over 23 sites which were incomplete hence all of them required web content. I started with language translation sites and I had to write about different languages as well as the qualified professionals that come from each specific state.

When I began my work, I started studying all the states of India and I saw how our history was completely warped. How many Hindu/ Sanatan Dharma monuments were still claimed by the Islamists as their own like the Taj Mahal. Many prominent places of Hindu/ Sanatan Dharma pilgrimage like “Prayag” were renamed as “Allahabad.” This is the reflection of demonic war tactics to make the natives dissociate with their own history and for the invaders to take over completely. I also noticed that Christianity had also played the same game like how “Ram Setu” at Kanyakumari has been renamed as “Adam’s Bridge.” It is the same dissociation war tactic played by the Abrahmic religions to assimilate the “Pagans/Kafirs.”

I tried my best not to use warped history which was spread over the internet and rewrite history the way it really happened. However, I was rewriting history in small boxes which most people would never notice (literally). During my work hours when I took break I did my research, it was like an obsession and I still feel like I am possessed by a great desire to get back what I have long lost. I was determined to make the people pay for what they'd done to my world.

Most people I talked to had mostly a negative reaction, like “Why do you care? live in the 21 century and forget the past.” I absolutely loath such people who just merely drift along in their lives living for petty materialistic things and such people would rather forget their roots rather than fight for justice. Such people are a disgrace to Sanatan Dharma, however I tried to move on and find answers on my own. I could not expect much from the “unenlightened” and even my family fell short of answers that I had longed for.

I had been studying about every thing related to my world, and one thing struck my mind. It was the story of Atlantis which was a description of an ancient world which was highly advanced towards the east from Greece which I had been reading from “Plato’s Accounts.” He had also talked about a “Crystal Power source” of advanced flying machines the people of Atlantis had. The abrahamic religions tend to classify them as “Watchers or Nephilims,” some sort of Aliens or magical demons who came from space and laid their eggs into helpless humans. Clearly, such accounts show that the writers of the “Watchers or Nephilims” were either very afraid of the people of Atlantis and had absolutely no knowledge of the universe. Or it was a very precise attempt to hide the real past from the sheep-like populace of the world. It is highly likely that it is the second possibility which took place in the past.

People in the position of power spread wrongful information to make the sheep-like populace follow them blindly:

Getting back to the point, there is only one civilization that has historical accounts of people who had fought wars on ancient flying machines called “Vimanas” which is basically a Sanskrit word. And in the Ramayana text, Sri Rama who fought Sri Ravana to get back his kidnapped wife had fought the aerial battle with him. Check out the comments on the Video itself, the uploader of the video seems to connect it with “Alien entities,” there are many fools out there who have been indoctrinated by the propaganda machine created by the very same people who stole the ancient knowledge to take over the world.

I started looking for more clues and people who were looking for the same answer as I have been for a long time. I came across the blogs of two people who helped me reawaken as the person who I really used to be. These two people changed everything and helped me accelerate ahead at a much higher efficiency. Through them I was able to absorb massive amounts of information that I was unaware of, because of the effect of the Demon of Ignorance.

These two people are:

1) Eric Dubay

2) Captain Ajit Vadakayil

Allow me to begin with Eric Dubay as he connected massive dots for me in just one blog post of his which I stumbled upon on March 14, 2011 — that is when i made my first comment on his blog -

The Manipulation of Ancient History

People can clearly read the comments I made on that blog post where he had asked many questions, and I basically bombarded him with a lot of information which many people would not be able to absorb at one go. Why? Because I tried to explain thousands of years of history in a few comments… My mistake!

However, that can be corrected by this long awaited blog which will basically bring back what we all have lost because of the greed of a handful of people in the world. This is my attempt to make the world a better place to live in and make the people responsible for the demonic action pay for their crimes. I will stand no more on the sidelines watching my world be completely consumed by greed and Adharma.

I will begin with Pictorial presentation which is basically an answer to the “right” questions Eric Dubay asked on his blogs, which was a one shot deal in reawakening my sleeping consciousness for the last 11 years.

First Question he raised:

"Our government textbooks tell us that nobody in the ancient world had ever crossed the Atlantic before Columbus. But the voyage of the Mayflower only took 60 days. Are we honestly to believe that no one had ever previously taken the 60 day trip in all of human history? The great civilizations of ancient Egypt, Babylon, Sumer, Greece, Rome, and the sea-faring Phoenicians never wondered what was out West past 59 days sailing?"

My reply with pictographic evidence to make the non-believers see the truth:

Now a Design of Boats from Kerala:

Second Question he raised:

"When the Spanish missionaries first set foot upon the soil of America, in the fifteenth century, they were amazed to find the Cross was as devoutly worshipped by the red Indians as by themselves.” -Ignatius Donnelly, “Atlantis: The Antediluvian World” 

Reply... Indian Devali Festial:

Third Question he raised:

"Egyptian symbols like the 'Akeru' back to back lion gods hieroglyph are found in Olmec temples from ancient Mexico

My Answer... Emblem of India:

Fourth Question:

If we find on both sides of the Atlantic precisely the same arts, sciences, religious beliefs, habits, customs, and traditions, it is absurd to say that the peoples of the two continents arrived separately, by precisely the same steps, at precisely the same ends. When we consider the resemblance of the civilizations of the Mediterranean nations to one another, no man is silly enough to pretend that Rome, Greece, Egypt, Assyria, Phoenicia, each spontaneously and separately invented the arts, sciences, habits, and opinions in which they agreed; but we proceed to trace out the thread of descent or connection from one to another. Why should a rule of interpretation prevail, as between the two sides of the Atlantic, different from that which holds good as to the two sides of the Mediterranean Sea? If, in the one case, similarity of origin has unquestionably produced similarity of arts, customs, and condition, why, in the other, should not similarity of arts, customs, and condition prove similarity of origin? Is there any instance in the world of two peoples, without knowledge of or intercourse with each other, happening upon the same invention, whether that invention be an arrow-head or a steam-engine? If it required of mankind a lapse of at least six thousand years before it began anew the work of invention, and took up the thread of original thought where Atlantis dropped it, what probability is there of three or four separate nations all advancing at the same speed to precisely the same arts and opinions? The proposition is untenable. If, then, we prove that, on both sides of the Atlantic, civilizations were found substantially identical, we have demonstrated that they must have descended one from the other, or have radiated from some common source. -Ignatius Donnelly, “Atlantis: The Antediluvian World” 


My Answer:

Shiva Lingum - Ancient Indian Symbol
Shiva Lingum Hand Pump
This Design proves that Hand Pumps used to exist in India far before the Invasion of India.

Now the big bad question comes: 

Why is the Vatican built with the Design of the Shiva lingum, if Christianity has nothing to do with Sanatan Dharma?

The Answer:

Christianity was built over the existing religion and the people were psychologically manipulated over generations which made them forget their original past. 

However, the bigger question that should be asked is who were the people who took over and created this religion over the older one? The word “Religion” itself is a manufactured version which is a pale reflection of the original. Sanatan Dharma is not a religion, it was a perfect mix of the true knowledge of the universe which included in-depth information about the soul and the illusionary physical universe. I will reveal the truth in my coming posts.


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